How to Create a Straight Pin



I’m sure you use fasteners on your digital scrapbook pages. Straight pins are used a lot and you surely did use them on some of your digital pages. Do you know that it’s very easy to make them yourself?

They are so easy to create and you can customize them as you like, so that they will fit all your digital scrapbook pages. You can make them in any color you like so that they match perfectly with the color of your page. And you can have any decorative end you want. Sure that will give you a lot of scrapbook ideas.

Simple Straight Pins

If you love the ordinary straight pins, with just a little ball at the end, you can make some with the colors of the paper you used on your page, or a color that match your photos. Just pin them on the top of your photo and it will give a great effect on your page. A straight pin will look great on a curved photo, on the top in the middle and if you add some realistic shadows it will looks like if your photo
really pops up. Just like of your curved photo is pinned to your paper. You can also use them to hold tiny decorative elements, like charms too.

Straight Pins for Dates

If you want an exceptional straight pin, use another element as decorative end. Did you think about flowers, butterflies, buttons or even animals. I am sure that you can come up with lots of ideas to customize your straight pins.

You can not only use them to fix photos to your paper, but you can also fix a paper on another paper, or fixing tags, notes, leaves, flowers, etc.

Straight Pins for Letters and Words

If you are a digital designer you can make some pins to match your digital scrapbook kit. Make them in the colors you use for the kit and as the decorative end you can put some of the elements you made for your kit. You can also use straight pins to make some clusters, attaching frames together. Or make tags with straight pins to fix them on the papers of your digital scrapbook page. You can even make an
alphabet, with a letter on each straight pin.

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