How To Create Polkadot pattern with Paintshop Pro

Polkadots papers, they are such fun. Do you use them a lot? The technique to make
them is so versatile, you can make them in any color you like, changing
background colors and changing the patterns as often as you like. Adding
textures to the background will give another effect to your scrapbook page.


Simple technique, many variations

Just make
your tile with the dot in the color you want, and then play around with it,
changing the angle, the size, the scale and the colors. You can also make the
dot a bit grungy by using the eraser tool, or add some noise.

Adding a
second layer with polka dots to your paper, with dots just a bit smaller then
the first one will give you a bull’s eye pattern. You can also choose to move
the second layer with dots so that the placement of one type of dots is in
between the other.

Try to give a bevel to the dots, that will change the effect and your
paper will look completely different. You can play around trying different
bevels and see the effects that it will give on your paper. Even a shadow can
give you a great effect.

More than just for papers

You can use the polka dot patterned paper to make other elements, like frames, tags, notes. The polka dot pattern will look great used on your admission ticket or on a notebook paper.  And if you made some elements with the decorative border, you can use the polka dot pattern on that one too. You can even make a ribbon with a  polka dot pattern.

Then you can also change the shapes and use squares,  diamonds, little flowers, stars, hearts, or any other shape you want,  you will see that this technique is so versatile, it will give you many other scrapbook ideas.

Use that polkadot paper in your project

Very simple and delicate, you can use polkadot papers just about anywhere on your layouts!

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