How to Create a Postmark with Paintshop Pro


Do you like postmarks? I love them and use them a lot. You can use them on your scrapbook pages in so many ways. And it's so much more fun than just a text typed on your layout.


Say anything with the postmark

You can use them for names, dates, places or any other information that you would like to see on your scrapbook page.

You can use several ways to put the information in the postmark. You can put it on top of the postmark, or on the bottom. You can choose to reverse the path or not. That will create a totally different effect for the same element.

Using differernt fonts will change the look of your postmark, and you can even use some images or design in the middle.You can create a postmark with more than one circle, by duplicating it, resizing it and placing it where you want.

Adding some lines in the middle is a great way to emphasize the text in the center. You can make a postmark with one large circle in a color that matches or contrasts with your page and put the text of the same or different color.


Change the look easily

You can also embellish your postmark with some dingbats, or hand drawn designs inside or around the circles, like Cassel's Stitch fonts, so that you have a
lovely border around your text. You will find some great scrapbooking ideas while you are playing around with this technique. This element is so versatile, you can use it on all your scrapbook projects.

If you are a designer, the postmark is a great way to make some beautiful wordarts for your kits. Use some of your elements in the middle and put a catchy text around it.

And of course, a postmark would go hand in hand with any custom postage stamp  you might have created with your vacation photos! What a way to date those photos!


Project 365 date elements

Postmarks are also great to use in any 365 project too. You can put all your information in them in the same way throughout the whole project and make wonderful layouts with colors that match your photos and background papers.

A dating tool for your project

Very simple, a postmark can find its place on any of  your layouts!

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