How to Create a Curved Photo with Paintshop Pro



Almost everyone has a box with photos at home. Did you notice that  sometimes old photos are curved? If you are doing digital scrapbooking and make digital photo books, you can create this effect on your digital photos. It is possible to make your own curved photo.


Not always for old photos

Curved photos might be associated with old photos, but it does not have to be the case. Any lively photo, even a recent one, can get a curved treatment to add some movement to your layout. Some scrapbookers like to have everything asbolutely flat on their digital pages, as if it were a real paper project, but with digital scrapbooking, you have options to create things that might be less convenient in traditional scrapbooking.
A curved photo would probably be flattened in an album, but could stay lifted if the page was left alone.


Why not use templates?

There are templates around to simulate the look of a curved photo. You simply cut out the photo in the shape they provide. If you ever tried it, it might look ok on some photos,
but if you have a horizontal element like the horizon, a fence, a wall, using such template will leave those elements as straight as they are. The straight line with the curved edges of the template might make the viewer cringe because "something does not match". But there is a way to really bend those straight lines so the effect is perfect.


The shadow is also important for those curved photos to look realistic. Do you know how to get that effect? It is easy, I promise. And how do you fasten those curved photos? Maybe you will want to use a straight pin, or a piece of scotch tape or maybe just pretend you had a bit of glue underneath.

A curved photo is a great way to add some dimension to the layout as you can layer a few papers or elements. Slide a tag underneath for a peek-a-boo effect.


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