Build-A-Kit is a sort of workshop to guide you to create a cohesive scrapbook kit for yourself or others, that you will be able to create using all those tutorials inside the Campus. No extra purchase will be necessary, although you will have options to use outside resources if needed (we are not all skilled at drawing or painting). If you have never created a kit before, it will be a great introduction. If you are already a veteran at that, the list of tutorials might be a good addition to your regular workflow.

A kit can include a variety of components and their numbers can vary. Typically, you will hear of mini-kits, regular kits, and mega-kits. Although the numbers are not set in stone, here is what each one includes:

  • Mini-kit: 5-9 papers and 10-30 elements
  • Regular kit: 10-20 papers and 50-100 elements
  • Mega-kit: 40-70 papers and 150+ elements

Sometimes, you start with the idea of one type of kit and you end up with more papers and elements than you expected. Sometimes, you might want to split a larger kit. If you are designing to sell or distribute your kits, you can have a “main kit” and create minis as add-ons. Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

What is included in a kit is also quite varied. You can check these two articles about kit content:

What’s in a scrapbooking kit?
What’s in a scrapbooking kit? (part 2)

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Palette and theme

Solid papers

Patterned papers


Ribbons and bows





Flowers and greenery

Scattered elements



Other elements