Other elements

This is where your imagination can go wild. There are so many elements you can think of adding to your page. Let’s have a look at some elements you might consider.


These are quite frequent in most kits. Some users might complain that they want more masculine kits, but you can still add some vegetation that is less “girly”. Add leaves, branches, and twigs instead of flowers if you prefer. But after all, the user does not HAVE to use the flowers if you have some.

Flowers and greenery can be extracted elements from photos, and they can be real or artificial. They can be realistic-looking, drawings, or stylized.


Some small elements like beads, pearls, stars, and punched papers, can look great as scattered elements. If they are in different sizes, it can save time for the users.


On their own, arrows might seem insignificant, but they can often be used to put an accent on some sections of the project. You can create them out of paper, metal, wood, acrylic, etc.


And now, anything else can be added to your kit depending on the theme. That is where you can add animals for a farm theme, spiders and pumpkins for a Halloween theme, and so on.