Although wordart is not included in all kits, it can be something interesting to add. Of course, there are some limitations as wordart are based on languages, and even though they are commonly done in English, users might wish you had something in other languages. Will you create some in English? In other languages? In more than one language?

At the core, wordart are quotes, phrases, or expressions that would fit your theme. The possibilities are endless. 

Using the Text tool, you have the option to play with the size, the fonts, the styles, colors, which is the base for all the wordart element.

Insert designs, shapes, paths, icons, silhouettes, frames, flourishes, etc. Again, there are so many options available to make the wordart suit your theme and style.

Create your wordart in black or in colors. Both options are valid. There are various ways you can create wordart and there are many examples in these Master classes:

Wordart with PaintShop Pro
Wordart 2 with PSP – 2

If you want something a little more automated, you can check the Subway Art script in the store (but I know you could do the same thing manually by now).