Build-A-Kit – Bonus content

At this point, you have probably created and collected quite a few papers and elements for your kit. You probably have even more than you intended in the beginning. That is not a problem. You can now pick and choose what will go in your kit, and what will be “on hold” for the next one.

Occasionally, some kit designers will consider adding other content in their kits. Those are not mandatory, but they could be interesting. If you feel like they would add to the theme of your kit, go ahead. If you find that your kit currently has enough, that is fine too, but let’s just have a look at some possible options, if you feel inclined to add some.


If you are familiar with using masks, you know that some fancy shapes that will match your theme could be an interesting add-on. For example, if your theme is “A day at the beach”, you can have a mask with visible seashell outlines on the edges, or waves, or water splashes.

If you can create something unique and specific to your theme, it could be a nice extra.


You know how it can be intimidating to start a project from scratch. Some scrapbookers are still shy and would love to use something already made for them to use quickly. Or sometimes, they are just in a rush. Creating a quick-page is going to be simple for you as long as you have made the page in the first place! 

Creating a page with your kit will also be a great way for you to see your supplies “in action” and determine if you need something more. Once you have your page done, simply follow the steps on this article to turn it into a quick-page.


Once in a while, you can find kits that include interesting textures in the form of paint splashes. You can create some from scratch or use some online resources to create your own.

You can check these tutorials to give you a headstart: paint spatter, paint streaks, smudged paint. Or you can create some colorful overlays. Again, those are not too common and really don’t NEED to be included. Have a look at your kit: it is probably already quite large, right?