Solid Papers

Solid papers are often the foundation of any scrapbook page. They can be used on their own or in combination with patterned papers.

The simplistic way to create a solid paper would be to fill a full-size (3600x3600px) image with a solid color from your color palette. However, this would look very flat and unattractive. What you need to add is either texture or shading, or a combination of both.


You can use the Texture command in PaintShop Pro to add a texture to your paper. That is quite simple and easy.

You might also have some textured overlays. To use those, simply add an overlay on top of your solid layer and play with the blend mode. Considering that Blending can change the colors, be careful with what you choose or you will stray away from your color palette. Some tutorials in the Creative Scraps can guide you in adding textures. Check these out:

Denim Texture
Canvas Texture
Knitted Texture
Felt Texture
Velveteen Texture


Varied shading will turn flat solids into something more interesting. Inside the Creative Scraps, you can consider the Grungy Texture, or even the Embossing that can be applied to create a subtle effect.

Of course, you can apply some texture AND some shading.

I order to get more variety, try to avoid using exactly the same effect on multiple colored papers. If needed, rotate the texture or the overlay. But the best way would be to start from scratch for each color.