Writing on different surfaces

When adding text, designs, or even brush strokes on a digital layout, there is no difference in whether your element overlaps more than one surface. However, in real traditional paper craft, that would not be the case. First, you would be unlikely to write from one surface onto another one, and second, if you did, the result would show something very characteristic: a disruption in the continuity of the element. Here is how you can recreate that detail in digital projects.

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Featured Resource – Filters Unlimited 2.0

Although filters and plugins are not always necessary, sometimes, it is fun to play around with new settings that might not be available in Paintshop Pro. Filters Unlimited 2.0 is one of those filters that has hundreds (if not thousands) of possible effects. Although you likely won't use all of them for your main projects, you might discover some effects that will trigger inspiration for other things.

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