Changing colors in PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro has a lot of common tools and photographers have the ability to tweak their photos in many ways. Those tools are not just for professionals, as everyone can use them to edit photos in creative ways. Let's see how you can change the color of a particular element with PaintShop Pro. Although there are several ways to change colors, we will look at the Change to Target tool.

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6 ways to choose colors for your layout

When you start a project on a scrapbook layout, how do you choose the colors you will be using? Do you look for the overall color of the photos? Do you look for accents in the photo? Do you just choose a kit with a similar theme as the photo, no matter what the colors are? There are many ways to pick colors, and it will most often depend on your style of scrapping, your style of creating, and maybe the purpose of your scrapbook page.

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