More advanced settings for your PaintShop Pro

We have seen, in previous posts, that you can set up your PaintShop Pro in different ways, depending on your needs. You can set it up with larger displays if you have low vision, you can clear the clutter when you first start your program, you can set it up in the same way I do when following the Campus tutorials. But there is still a lot more you can adjust to suit your own style.

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The Magic Wand in PaintShop Pro

This tool is called "magic" because it is powerful, but those powers can be intimidating when you don't understand all the intricacies of what can be done. The Magic Wand is probably one of the most commonly used tools by many PaintShop Pro users, are they using it in the best way possible? Let's look at the many settings that can make this tool do magic.

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The Flood Fill Tool in PaintShop Pro

The Flood Fill tool is one of those tools that you will be using on so many projects that it will become second nature. Although it is a simple tool, and usually intuitive to use, it does have various settings that can make it even more powerful or turn into a headache for you. Let's have a look.

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