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    • Happy March! I feel we're now one step closer to Spring! 🌷 Here is my Wild Cat Calendar for March featuring The Mountain Lion, aka Cougar or Puma. I got the animal details from activecat.com. I will put a full-sized version on Facebook for printing as an 8.5"x11" decoration for our refrigerator doors. 😉 
    • The theme for March is DESSERTS. Are you a baker? Are you a dessert enthusiast? What is your favorite dessert? Do you have photos of fantastic desserts you had for a family gathering? Or how about your children? Did they ever make a mess of that chocolate cake? There are many ways to showcase desserts. Let's go! Post your project in the gallery.
    • In March, our monthly theme is DESSERTS. I expect this to become a delicious thread. What kind of desserts can we find that will start with the different letters of the alphabet? And since desserts might be very different from country to country so we will have a lot of options, even for the "difficult" letters! Let's go!
    • It is a new month and new projects. Show off what you are working on in March be it a scrapbook page, a collage, a tutorial, or anything else you want. We are curious and want to see, learn, and get inspired. These threads are quickly becoming a fantastic source of inspiration, support, and friendship. Keep them coming! Remember to size down your image to about 600x600 pixels and save it in .jpg format before posting it (if you are creating a double page, you can resize it to 1000 pixels in width if you don't want to post the pages separately). Here are a few guidelines for everyone: when you post a project, give as much information on your sources or techniques used. It will help others who are curious and would like to do the same. if someone uses something that you like on their page, ask where they got it. Sometimes, you can go get it too and it will be better quality than trying to extract it (as it would have been resized to post in the forum anyway). if it is something that they did from scratch, ask how they did it. It would be so helpful to everyone! if you like a photo and would like to “play with it”, ALWAYS ask permission. Sometimes, there are some limitations and the person is not allowed to let others use it. Don’t get them in trouble. Usually, people are happy to say yes (if they can) when you ask politely. And if you get permission, you might get a better-quality image than the resized image anyway.
    • That's the secret Corrie, getting the right photo and editing for the script.  Not editing to make the photo beautiful as the photo it is, but know when to get the dark areas lighter and the lighter areas darker, especially as you pointed out, too light around the edges then it just disappears.  I never thought of making cards for men, your card is perfect for that.  I did find I had to lighten the darks, somewhere to slightly darker than a mid-value and to darken the areas that are too light.  And a properly edited or even the edit that was for the script under it and lowering the opacity.  or even putting the orig.photo on the layer above and trying the blend modes and using the the opacity with that.  Also using masks to have just one bit of color showing through.  So many possibilities.  
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