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    • I was too fast 😁and wrote scripts instead of products, but it doesn't change the importance of the event. This is really a milestone! 👏 ------------------------------------------------------------ "Are you all going to stick by me?? 🙂" If life permits, for sure!  
    • Thank you. Although it is not 900 scripts (there are picture tubes, brushes, and fonts), they are the vast majority of products.  And no, I never envisioned having that many products in the store. At this rate, I might reach 1000 in 2 years! Are you all going to stick by me?? 🙂
    • Wow, Carole, I am sure when you started learning scripting, it never crossed your mind that one day you would reach the mark of 900 scripts!! This is quite an achievement... Congratulations!
    • First of all, come and say HI if once you register for this workshop. We want to know who else will be there, on our side to cheer us up. Remember that it is NOT a contest. It is a friendly workshop to get you to do something you might not have thought of doing before. Once the Workshop is started, on July 22nd, you can post your pages, and your stories here (if it is too small to read, you can always copy and paste the text, if you want). Remember to resize your image to about 600 pixels before uploading it so it won't slow down the site when we have lots of your masterpieces. The workshop will include prompts and downloadable templates (for you to be creative) and quick-pages (if you are in a hurry). Although the same seven templates/quick-pages will be used as in two years ago, there will also be some additional supplies for our DIAMOND members. If you found this thread without seeing the registration page, you can go and register (remember, it is FREE). Register now And bring a friend over!
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