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  1. I just downloaded Kindle for my computer and ordered the Kindle version.
  2. Still Playing with strings. The plaid is from FF, and I followed the string tutorial in Scrap Tutorials and then used to directionaltube script to make the string into a tube. I used the vector tube script on the border of the flower and on the middle circle. I also applied the etchedglass script to a black layer and merged the glass over the original layer. I never bothered with making strings before our last Master Class. However, now I have found that they are fun to make with all sorts of colors and patterns. This particular string would fit in my Build a Kit 2.
  3. I would love a demonstration! They were all made with the directionaltube script.
  4. Playing with make ropes and strings
  5. I'm still stuck on vectors which I find fascinating. My latest little creature is an owl. The patterns are from FF, the feathers around the face are a'dozi feather brushes. Feathers on body, chest and wings are from feathers from CF made into patterns. Eyes and feet are from Canva.
  6. Thank you, Susan, I forgot to add that I used Filter Forge for the tail feathers and the chest area. I also used a FF cartoon effect to make the tail feathers less realistic. I had so much fun that I have others from this CF download called littlest pet shop.
  7. Creative Fabrica has a font called 212 US Dings that includes each state and a US map.
  8. Copying a chicken from CF
  9. Corrie, it was so much fun playing with it. I should have used a smaller font on my husband's picture.
  10. I spent yesterday revising my wedding card. Most of the graphics are from CF except the silhoutte which is from Canva. The side font is ruritania. The other fonts are FarewellAngelina and FancyPants(I don't remember where I got them) and starinline(purchased from Deeezy.com). The other font is DDRadford from CF. I made the letters M and J, but stupidly forgot to save the vector so I don't remember what it is, but it's from CF. I also made the gold frame on the inside. The wedding is today so I just managed to get it ready after an extremely hectic week. The card is an 8 1/2 by 11 printed borderless on card stock.
  11. I'm still behind since we have been entertaining a very good friend this past week. Here is my vector tube. I also experimented with vector paint and really liked the results.
  12. The first image is from CF and the font is Chrishmkbold from my Hallmark Card program. The background is a gradient. The second picture was just sent to me by my grandson from Thailand where he is visiting and playing rugby. The font is from CF and called Asian Pacific.
  13. I'm not doing a whole lot with the lessons because we have a very, very welcome visitor whom we are entertaining. The pattern on the cup is my own, the drips and chocolate are from FF and the whipped cream is from the cass frosting script with the warp tool applied. Candy cane is from Canva.
  14. I redid my leaves using the pen tool and the nodes. I filled the first one with the photo of one of my leaves. I made wonky veins with the pen tool, added a gradient and filled with the fine leather texture. The stems were isolated--one filled with a gradient green and one filled with a brown gradient. This time was easier than the last time.
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