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  1. I was going to print my calendar myself, but ink is so expensive. UPS printing will print a page for 69 cents so I am going to check them out.
  2. I downloaded both fonts from Creative Fabrica and am using Character Map UMP. I have had no problem copying and pasting the glyphs. I love Samantha Upright and used it for my calendar fonts.
  3. My final three months: October - the picture and the marigolds are mine. The marigold leaves are from Creative Fabrica; November - The picture is of my beautiful hydrangea after our first snow of the season. The peonies are from Creative Fabrica; December - I made the train after our Vector Workshop. I made the Santa, elves and snowman are from Cassel with elves faces my kids. The poinsettias are from Creative Fabrica. Trees are from deeezy.com Fonts are Samantha Upright from Creative Fabrica and Centuary Display which is an olf. i now have all the birthstone tubes made with FilterForge and cass directional tube script(I love this script).
  4. Julian, I used the cass custom calendar script which gives you a choice of what type of box that you want. I choose a rounded square preset for the box, rasterized the vector and add a color that I chose from my calendar page. The script adds the calendar boxes and then asks you to choose a text. It then fills the boxes with your chosen text. Whenever I watch a Masterclass or tutorial, I take note of what bevel Carole uses such as for flowers, paper etc. I then label it and save it in my bevels for future use.
  5. July - Picture of my future daughter in law; larkspur from Creative Fabrica August - Picture of my son and his two boys, all born in August; poppies are my own picture with leaves from Creative Fabrica; vase from cass presets; bow is my own. September - Picture is my own; morning glories are from Creative Fabrica. All the jewels were made with Filter Forge and ,made into directional tubes in order to jewel the months with Vectortube.
  6. April, May and June April - my pictures May - my butterfly picture; lily of the valley from Creative Fabrica June - My scanned wedding picture - June 8, 1968; rose petals are from a package that I purchased.
  7. Jan, Feb, March redone using the cass calendar script, shadows and bevels added. The rest of the months still need a little revision.
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice. The Windows snipping tool worked for me.
  9. Julian, here are pictures of the settings that I used for the bevel and drop shadow. I couldn't figure out how to do a screen shot with the bevel screen up so I had to take camera pictures. They are sort of rough looking.
  10. Thank you, Julian. I like your resized page better than mine with the border. I am going to try your dimensions. Thank your for your thorough explanation.
  11. I have been experimenting with borderless printing on my Epson and have finally determined the correct settings so that edges and borders are equal. I copied the calendar page to an 8.5 by 11 paper and filled the edges with a pattern. I have a lot of different kinds of paper and will test the heavier papers to see if you can write on them. I have also been researching how to bind the pages together with ribbon or yarn. My calendar making slowed down, first because I kept changing my mind on the calendar and the shading and the because my grandsons were visiting from Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.
  12. Thnak you, Susan. Yes, definitely. I love Art Deco.
  13. So far, I have created January thru June. The font is Samantha Upright from Creative Fabrica. I use the Vectorstroke script to add the birthstone for each month. The flowers for Jan and Feb are from Creative Fabrica and for March my own photo and bow. I used layer styles to highlight the month. The background is my own which I call glitter streaks. I redid the months using the cass custom calendar script which was just updated. Thank you Carole. All the calendar photos are my own or from family. Jan is a picture of Lake Erie in winter, the second is from my grandson on his way to snowboarding and the third is my picture of Detroit taken from across the river.
  14. I am so far behind because I keep going back and changing things. Someone mentioned a cass calendar script which I had to buy immediately and experiment with for a couple hours this afternoon.
  15. 1700+ Open Source Fonts (OFL) › Fontesk A good source for open source fonts.
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