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  1. I put this page in November by mistake. I like the gold. I'm going to use this in some of next year's festive cards, as the greeting/verse on the inside page. It ill make for a novel layout. I will also be able change some of the wording, depending who the recipient of the card is going to be.
  2. I'm sorry, but I'm at a loss. The only other thing I can think of is creating and using a frame or frames in a mask, where the opacity of those frames will be sporadic throughout the mask. Or using a vector shape to create a frame, using from vector shape, go to the photo layer promote to a new layer, and change the brightness and contrast of that layer. You now have me baffled!
  3. I saw something similar online, which caught my eye. I decided to create my own. I'll make it more festive with colour, holly etc. Wordart using only fonts.
  4. Carole has transparent frames script. I replicated one of them, it's below. The only other thing I can think of is using the adjustment layers.
  5. I dug out one of my very old photos from home. It wasn't that long ago that we were discussing the origins of Christmas and it's relation to the Winter Solstice during pagan times, in the campus. I mentioned that my children and I would go out gathering greenery for decorations, and branches for a tree. I have created a Yuletide page. I still make paper chains. I used Carole's label script for the journaling, the pine cones come with PSP. The other elements I have acquired over the years, which I use over and over in other pages, particularly the ivy, which you may recognise.
  6. Ann, I like the background. Did you consider using guides, or better still objects, distribute, space evenly horizontal and vertical, to align the months.
  7. Mine is the Windows Snip and sketch, which is free.
  8. To take a screen shot using PSP, go to File, Screenshot, setup, select the setting you want (smart capture) start. As I said, I prefer to use the keys on my keyboard.
  9. I had a print screen key on my old keyboard. My newer one doesn't. I could take a screen shot through PSP, but I prefer to use hold down the shift key, windows logo key and the letter S. I then create a border around the area I want to take a screen shot of, and it saves it in documents. The only thing it doesn't include in a screen shot is the cursor pointer.
  10. Wonderful, do you think I could use it to decorate my tree with. 😀
  11. I am used to A4, then coming to North America, I was under the impression that US letter was it's equivalent. Not so. Not only they changed the paper size name, they also changed the size itself. Subtle as it may be. The American pint is different to the Imperial pint, to me a pint is a pint. Which makes the American fluid ounce 4% more than the imperial. Same goes for measuring cups. Australia is the same as the European. It can make baking a maths lesson sometime, when you are trying to convert an America recipe to imperial. when you have imperial measuring jugs and scales. That is why I mentioned in a previous comment, when using an outside source for printing anything, the first thing to do is to choose the layout size from the printers option list. No matter how little the size difference may be, it can be a real hassle editing it to fit.
  12. Your printer doesn't print to the edges, mine doesn't, I use a guillotine to trim the edges. You can get printers that do. When you use an outside source for printing, they too trim the edges.
  13. For the button frame I used the blue button picture tubes, which comes with PSP. The colours were to pastel for my liking, so I changed them.
  14. Nothing very original. I raided some of Carole's freebie buttons from the Creation Cassel blog. I did use the pen tool to extend the swash, in order to accommodate the button, threaded through.
  15. This is only a thought, as it seems to me that you want to focus on actual digital scrapbooking, but you can't do it without reference to a graphics program, in this case PSP. To achieve the realistic digital scrapbook page layout. What about splitting the book into 2 parts. The first half of the book or how many pages it will take would be designated to creating digital scrapbook pages. The second half or the last quarter of the book could focus on tool references within PSP. In other words a Bibliography. I know that section is usually reserved for book references on a particular subject, related to the book being read. Your Bibliography would refer the reader to pages, in the campus. Along with brief instruction on how to create shadows, or a title for instance. This way your book will attract the conventical scrap booker, who can pick up ideas and tips, while the digital scrapbooker or want to be digital scrapbooker will get to learn how to use PSP. Become familiar with Corel. For instance, say your first chapter is about Titles. Then in your Bibliography, under Chapter 1. Titles, you can list bog posts, masterclasses, and lab titles for the reader to check out. I hope you know where I'm coming from with this.
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