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    • My Page 05 Our 36 ft cabin cruiser was in the slip next to a catamaran that was retired from picking up downed flyers during WW2.  The wind tossed that catamaran clear across the harbor onto the shore about 300 feet from the water.  We were lucky about our boat that time.
    • Day 7...I went in a completely different direction than Carole suggested. I used her filmstrip script. Featured are many of the other beauties of Utah!
    • Here is my Day 6. This was a hard one for me, it is not perfect yet, but I am trying. Had a difficult time with text not showing until Carole reminded me to convert the text layer to raster. Even than PSP was acting funny and would not convert. I tried it with another sample and it worked OK. After stepping back a bit to get my energy back, it finally worked. However, I detected just a tiny border around the text, not the larger left side rectangle, just around the story text. After trying to get ride of that, I decided to leave it alone before messing up my whole project more.  My photos were not quite the right size so I made them fit and deleted the grey area. My project showcases : Natasha, YaPurr, Bella and Siegfried. Because I had extra spaces below the photos I decided to add their names. Font used  there : Amberto Bold. Font for Title as before Cat Paw. Added brown background with texture: Crumbled.
    • Day 6 This is my favorite of my pages. Petroglyphs are found many places and they fascinate me. These page show just a small part of Utah's beauty.
    • Day 5 This is my least favorite of my pages but it was a fun hike to this formation.
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