Remember when…? – Potato

As a child, one can see the world in a very different way, since we have only limited knowledge and understanding of how things work around us. That is likely

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Remember when…? – Laundry

When you are a kid, you might see things in some houses that you never saw in your own place, and those can seem particularly strange or magical (depending on

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Remember when…? – Attached

Things change over time, and what was common 30 or 50 years ago, is no longer considered safe. Although I never encountered accidents or serious incidents involving things that changed

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Remember when…? – Pie

Some kids would eat anything while onn the other hand, some kids will not eat what we want them to eat. I know that, as i have kids that fall in

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Remember when…? – Washing

Things have obviously changed over time, and one of those things is everyone’s job description. Now, because of unions and job descriptions, i know that i can’t hammer a nail

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