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When you are a kid, you might see things in some houses that you never saw in your own place, and those can seem particularly strange or magical (depending on what those are). Since I was living in an apartment on a second floor, my grandmother's house seemed like a big kingdom to explore!

Toy box?

When I was born, some of my uncles still lived at home, with my grandparents. The boys were sharing one room, and the girls had another room. I loved visiting the boy's room because there was a big chest in their room. It was a perfect size to sit on, to read, or be read to.

Be careful of the box!

Although it looked like a toy box, and was the size of a toy box, it was NOT a toy box. The first time I opened it, I was quite puzzled: it had no toy, no game, in fact, it had nothing, not even a bottom!

What is below?

That was my first sight of a laundry chute. Yes, below the boys' room was the laundry room, and below the chute was simply a big laundry basket to gather whatever was dropped in the chute. Obviously, that is something one can only have in a multiple story house.

What if?

I have always wondered what would happen if I was to slip into that laundry chute from the top. Would I really land in the laundry? Would it be a big fall? Even though I have often thought of it, I never tried it. But it always fascinated me.

Have you ever seen something in a house that was not yours that fascinated you? Or something that scared you? Share your discoveries in the comments below. Kids' perceptions are always fun to remember.

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