Theme – Computers

In recent years, we have made astounding technological advances and the most notable of these advances are ones made to computers. Computers are almost indispensable

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Take him out

When taking pictures in any busy area, it might be hard to avoid extra elements in the photo and the more popular the landmark or

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Theme – Stars

Stars are fascinating. Looking upon a clear night sky and you see them twinkling from millions and billions of light years away. Their light travels

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Theme – Sewing

Can you bring a sewing pattern into reality? Do you have a passion for textile transforming into clothes, home essentials, accessories, and the like? You

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Theme – Books

I love this quote from Charles W. Eliot: Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of

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Add me anywhere

With the power of PaintShop Pro, you can create photo edits that will make you, or anyone else, appear in locations that you never visited

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Gold Star – Rae

Let’s meet another member of our growing Campus community. And again, although she is part of a “scrapbook” campus, her main focus is not scrapbooking!

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