Scrapbooking layouts for men

A lot of scrapbook layouts in galleries tend to have a more "feminine" vibe, with flowers, ribbons, jewelry, etc. If you look at available supplies, you will also find a lot of flowers, ribbons, pearls, and stitchings, which might seem a little out of place for more "masculine" projects. How can you approach your project from a different angle? How can you showcase photos of your husband if he does not associate with flowers and such? Let's look at ways you can build your page with that "man" in mind.

Textures and patterns

Can you incorporate some textures that evoke a sense of ruggedness or strength? Leather textures, metal surfaces, or wood grain in your elements could be suitable. Stone and granite are also "strong" textures. You can add grunginess with frayed edges, worn textures, peeling paint, and rusty metal. Geometric shapes and patterns can also work well, as they often have a more neutral or masculine feel.

Page from Janice Phillips

Lines and shapes

Strong, straight lines and angular shapes tend to convey a more masculine feel. Rounded forms, swirls, and wavy edges might look more feminine, so replacing them with squares, rectangles, and sharp angles can shift the mood.

Layout from Janice Phillips

Color scheme

It is not just choosing between pink and blue, but darker colors like navy blue, forest green, and earthy browns will often come up as more masculine. You might also want to use brighter colors than subtle shades.

Layout by Deanna Patterson
Page from Deanna Patterson


Whether it is for a title, an accent, or journaling, choose fonts that are bold and straightforward. Sans-serif fonts or block-style fonts often work well. Limit the use of ornate or decorative fonts if you want a more neutral or masculine vibe.

Page by Carole Asselin


Although most kits will include some sort of flowers and ribbons, consider using elements associated with "male" interests and activities. Although it might sound stereotypical, you can use elements like gears, tools, and wheels. It can give you a different type of elements to look into. What kind of activities does he like?

Layout by Carole Asselin
Page from AMarie Charp

Layout and composition

If you use a more structured and grid-based composition, it will often be associated with less "feminine" layout. Pocket scrapbooking could be the starting point for such a layout.

Layout from Kelly Wardlow
Layout by Deanna Patterson

Contrast and scale

If you play with contrast (light vs. dark, big vs. small) and scale, you can add visual interest and a dynamic feel to the design. This could align well with a more masculine style.

Layout by Emerald Jay

Remember that the concept of what is "masculine" can vary greatly. What you consider to be more "feminine" or "masculine" will determine how you want to adapt your layout for the feel you want. Some men love to see flowers embellish their photos, and some ladies prefer rugged textures. It is all about options and preferences. You don't have to eliminate every curve, flower, or subtle color from your layout to make it more "masculine".

These are just general guidelines and suggestions that you can integrate in your next project, or tweak to suit your needs.

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  1. Yes Carole, my topic! I have brothers and nephews for whom I don’t want to make flower scraps and greeting cards, but rather as close as possible to the photo theme or the taste of the respective relative. sometimes I also ask the wives or mothers.
    I also like metallic design.

    That’s why I looked for masculine kits for a long time and found them. I now have a small archive with boy-related topics.

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