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Weddings are commonly recognized as a time of immense celebration, signifying the joyful union of two individuals setting off on an everlasting journey of happiness and contentment. Love explodes like colorful confetti as two say "I do," launching their adventure as one. This special day paints a bright chapter in their love story, a forever memory sparkling in their hearts. These symbolize the journey of two individuals who have found solace and companionship in each other, choosing to embark on a lifelong adventure together.

Laughter spills like sparkling champagne, mingling with tears of pure joy as two declare their everlasting love. A new chapter unfolds, painted with hope and possibility. Loved ones gather, cloaked in warm smiles and brimming with blessings. Well wishes dance on the air, each word a thread woven into a tapestry of support. Words of wisdom, seasoned with experience, offer a gentle nudge as they embark on their grand adventure together, hand in hand.

In today's fast-paced world, weddings serve as a reminder to pause and reflect on the beauty of love and companionship. They remind us of the importance of nurturing our relationships and the power of human connection. Get ready to be inspired and experience the heartfelt affection showcased by these remarkable and cherished designs that are bound to captivate the audience. 


Getting engaged is a significant milestone in any romantic relationship. For many, the proposal itself holds a special place in their hearts. From choosing the perfect ring to selecting the ideal location and timing, crafting the perfect engagement or wedding proposal has become a cherished tradition that symbolizes love, commitment, and a shared future. Capturing the magical moment of a marriage proposal is something that many couples dream of. It's a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Layout by Susan


Layout by Maureen


Project by Pam



Church Wedding

There is something undeniably captivating about the timeless allure of a church wedding. In contrast to the fast-paced world around us, church weddings offer a moment of pause, allowing couples to embrace the solemnity and grace that such a sacred space inherently possesses. Which church did you choose for your wedding ceremony?

Layout by Susanne


Project by Rachel


Layout by Evelyn



Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have long been associated with romance, enchantment, and the perfect blend of natural beauty and celebration. The ocean’s soothing rhythm and gentle breeze create a calming atmosphere that helps set the tone for a relaxed and emotional ceremony. Not only will you and your partner feel at peace, but your guests will also be able to fully immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings, allowing them to appreciate the moment more deeply. Why did you choose to have a beach wedding?

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Wedding Dance

The wedding dance is a romantic and enchanting display of elegance and grace. As the newlyweds step onto the dance floor, all eyes are on them. They move in perfect harmony, their bodies swaying to the rhythm of the music, reflecting the deep connection they share. The bride, radiant in her stunning gown, glides effortlessly, her eyes locked with her adoring groom. Their smiles are infectious, as they twirl and spin, lost in the magic of the moment.

Layout by Christelle


Cutting a wedding photo in the shape of a heart might be a little "cheezy" but it is still very common. You can use these two photo masks to showcase your favorite wedding photo. Of course, with Valentine Day coming, you can also use them for other LOVE photo.

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3 thoughts on “Theme – Wedding”

  1. I have scrapbooked my wedding, but don’t have pix for it (I did it the old-fashioned way, before discovering digital scrapbooking. But, after learning PSP and using our direct to garment printer, I did manage to put our wedding photo onto a shirt, within the “Hawaii” lettering. We were married 17 years ago next month, so it was fun to do something different with “old” pix. I am trying to figure out how to post a pic. lol

  2. I have scrapped my own wedding (see post in forum), plus three of my grandchildren, Will in CA plus Jackie and Ilana here in PA. If I dig back far enough, I can probably come up with photos for Anna and Tj’s wedding, also, which would be useful for this month’s theme. Neither Brad, Alycia or Tyler have announced any plans but Brad looks on the brink.. 😉

  3. Hi Carole,
    Very intelligently and sensitively formulated, Carole. Yes, I also love making playful or elegant wedding scraps, but I also experimentally scrapped our own gold wedding. I’ve already shown one in the forum. Today, weddings are also celebrated in unusual locations and can be elaborate and expensive. But that doesn’t mean a guarantee that the covenant will last for life. This requires a lot of work on your own ego and the meaning of marriage, which is not always so glamorous 😉
    I’m looking forward to re-creating wedding photos again, this time with PSP, because the memories are positive.

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