Using the Gradient Fill

Starting with version X9, PaintShop Pro has a new gradient tool called the Gradient Fill. It added a level of flexibility to the regular gradient

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Theme – Sunset

A beautiful sunset is one of the most amazing sights you can enjoy without having to spend any penny. It is also among the most

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Square or Rectangular?

If you have looked through scrapbook galleries, you might notice that some layouts are square, and others are rectangular. Is there a difference and if

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Theme – Underwater

Being underwater is one of the purest forms of pleasure. It provides people not just a unique experience but also an opportunity to be mindful

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What’s new in PSP2020?

Another year means another PaintShop Pro release. What tools, commands or improvements have been added to this version? Let’s have a look at some of

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Sort your fonts

Are you collecting a lot of cute and fun fonts only to realize that you are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of fonts you

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Painting on the wall

Using PaintShop Pro, you can create environments that are not real, but can still be realistic. Some templates can be found, online, where you would

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Trusted or Restricted?

When you purchase or download scripts, you have to save them in a specific location. You might have noticed that when you installed your version

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