Creating a Subway Art Project

You might have seen those types of word art where various words are displayed in different fonts, different sizes, and sometimes, different orientations to fit

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Theme – Drinks

For us to function well, we can’t just rely on food alone. We also have to drink in order to survive. The basic function of

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How to sort your fonts

If you have been collecting a lot of fonts or purchasing bundles, you are likely to have hundreds if not thousands of fonts. Going through

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Theme – Lights

Light is defined as electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. It occurs over an extremely wide range of wavelengths. As we

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Big or small photos?

If you look in galleries, you might seek a variety of sizes used for the photos in layouts. Some of them will have huge photos

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Theme – Trees

Trees play an important part in our world. They are like the vacuum of our planet as trees absorb harmful pollutants and release oxygen for

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