7 Fun Filter Forge filters for Halloween

Filter Forge is a powerful plugin that can help PaintShop Pro users obtain interesting designs, effects, and textures. With thousands of filters to choose from, here are a few that could be used for your Halloween projects.

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Featured Resource – Backblaze

As a PaintShop Pro user, you likely have a lot of photos, and also, various supplies to use in your program. Of course, you surely have other programs too. What would happen if you had a sudden computer crash and lost all your content? It would be quite devastating, wouldn't it? Of course, you can do regular backups, but what if you forgot? Or what if the crash happens just as you are going to do the backup?

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Prevent disaster : back up your precious data!

We have all collected a lot of information, documents, and photos on our computers over the years. What would happen if your computer was to crash? Or if your drive becomes unreadable? All those precious documents and photos will be lost. This is just as bad as losing all the photos in a fire: there is no way to retrieve them. That is, unless you have a plan in place.

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