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Calendar Workshop 2024


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Ladies good luck, you will get there and calendars can be given in the beginning of January too, as long as you give that first page as a teaser for the rest of the pages.

I'm very happy that I could print my calendar last Sunday and it is looking fine. Yesterday after those pages had time to dry I put 2 holes in the top of the pages. If you handle them to soon, I had printed them on glossy photopaper, they can smudge a bit. Tomorrow I search for a nice ribbon to bind them together, wrap them in gift paper and they are ready for posting. Now I have to print my cards and those go on matt paper that dries much quicker. I have all my addresses in a word file so I only have to print the address labels and then those can be posted too, or when they have to go nearby I'll bring them myself. 

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20 hours ago, Jannette Nieuwboer said:

@Susan Ewart and @Christina I had to skip the travel and the scripting. I could count on my fingers that it was to much for me. But it seems to me not to bad with a calendar. If you want to print on a home printer you can do it some later in the year. good luck with it. 🤗

Thank you, Janette. 🙂   I am hopeful I'll finish it this year 🤞... It takes more time to find the right photo than creating the page. 

I'll have it printed in a print shop, as always, and it will look like the photo below so my mother-in-law can hang it on the wall as she prefers.




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2 hours ago, Jannette Nieuwboer said:

@Corrie KinkelWhat size did you use Corrie?

I use A-4. I can use the full width of the calendar, but there is a little strip of 1,5 cm at the top (or bottom). I don't cut that strip off and use it to put two holes in with a perforator. So I can bind the pages with a nice complementary ribbon. You can also use that space for a spiral binding should you want it.

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