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  1. test 3 I'm playing around with Microsoft and Google, passwords that are suddenly no longer valid etc. My friend Google translates everything I write down in English into Dutch.πŸ€ͺ In particular the links in Carole's newsletters.It is easy to read everything you write in my native language, but my answers are then also translated and that is not the intention.That is not going smoothly yet. The temperature here is about 10 degrees above freezing. Cold and rainy. NO snow at all. Since I was very tired, I took an extra long vacation. Then I was treated to a nice fat corona infection as a santa present 😷. I am now slowly healing from that. Microsoft advised me to switch back to Edge from Chrome on the grounds that they can better protect me against hackers. Fortunately, Google and Microsoft now work better together. I haven't done anything on PSP in weeks. I hope to be present again at the next Q&A. Hopefully it doesn't translate everything again.
  2. @Corrie KinkelWhat size did you use Corrie?
  3. @Susan Ewart and @Christina I had to skip the travel and the scripting. I could count on my fingers that it was to much for me. But it seems to me not to bad with a calendar. If you want to print on a home printer you can do it some later in the year. good luck with it. πŸ€—
  4. Go ahead girl. I'm finished. With a smile and a tear. Iv learned a lot of it.
  5. @Michele@Chris SchultsIn that case my message is for Chrissie, but without the kissie!!!πŸ˜…
  6. Why I needed UWP was because I was looking for the copyright sign. The regular code alt-0169 was not picked up by Corel. It worked with OpenOffice, but pasting and cutting didn't work last week either. When enlarged it became vague. Then I went to take a look at UWP and there I saw the mark next to some fonts. I looked up one and another about the program on the internet and when used properly it works fine. I made the front page of the calendar full size like i wanted this afternoon. I could write the whole name including the copyright sign. And the frame around it seperately. But also from a font. I had into PSP in the colour palet only the outline other wise it was filled with a colour that not was my goal. So PSP and UWP does co-operate.
  7. Nothing happens. Microsoft does not allow me to have it. In halve a year I'm 3 times hecked. The first time in spring, The virus had remained under Microsoft's radar. And did a lot of damage for a few days., because they've been looking for my banking app. This part of my story is much longer. But I go further.The virus had settled on PSP and thefontthing, as well as other photoshops programs. I had contacted M. myself to report that I had a virus. It took a while, but then the alarm bells started ringing. Then M. cleaned my laptop thoroughly. I got a new PSP from Corel, which was very nice of them because it was completely destroyed. thefontthing has been removed by M. They wrote that they checked when and where the virus came in and that it happened at thefontthing. They have now made it impossible to download it, even through another provider. I am probably now in a database of criminals and they can enter very easily. Databasis seems to make a lot of money. and where there is a lot of money, criminals like to come. I've changed a lot of passwords, That didnt work enough, they must have collected too much data from me that first time. I hardly dare to download anything anymore. What I said before the story is much longer. A few weeks ago I thought I'd stop photo shopping. I have been working with the PC for 20 years and have never had any problems, and now suddenly 3 times in halve a year.
  8. I had noticed that there was a lot of talking about it on this site. I used it for the first time today. Due to all kinds of problems on my laptop, I can no longer use TheFontThing. That's why I was looking for something different. I hadn't taken the time to look into it before. It takes some time getting used to, but then you get something. I haven't mastered everything yet, but I'll get used to it. And it seems to have been on my laptop for ages. Another step further into the world of photo shopping. I'll be doing more homework like this next week. But don't worry about me I'll be back. Probably stronger than before. πŸ€—
  9. Take your time to heal again. Michelle. There are so much flues, virussen etc. bossing around at the moment. Take care of yourselves, no one else does do. πŸ’‹
  10. Yes, i'm intent to but don't now yet how to do. Never done it before.
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