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Theme – Farm

Were your childhood trips included those to the farm? Maybe your family owns a farm, or you love to visit one that has a lot

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Theme – Birds

If you love watching birds in their natural environment, you are usually known as a bird watcher and this hobby also mean you love taking

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Theme – Recipes

Do you love cooking? Or perhaps you are not quite gifted translating recipes into delicious dishes, but you certainly love to eat! Or maybe a

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Theme – Family

Family will always be family, even if some of us have crazy relatives (maybe we are the crazy ones!). Family are people who stick with

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Theme – Accident

Even after throwing caution to the wind, accidents can still happen. Nothing can prepare us for them, sometimes it’s just a stroke of bad luck.

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Theme – Clothing

Along with food and shelter, clothing is one of man’s most basic needs. From plants and animal hides, clothes has come a very long way

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Theme – Communication

We are all animals, but what differentiates humans from other species is our ability to communicate using a language, both in written and oral forms.

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Theme – Building

Building is working towards a goal. It can be building with Legos to bring the imagination to reality or a bird building a nest in

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Theme – Sky

The vast expanse of the sky holds many memories. The sunny days, the storms, the snowfall and the spring showers as well as the beautiful

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Theme – Backyard

There are so many things we can do in our backyard. We can have a small gathering there, parties, picnics and more. This is also

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Theme – Toys

Toys are part of every child’s life, and every adult’s childhood memory. Toys have evolved a lot over time, and what you played with is

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Theme Time

Theme – Time

For this month, I can say that we’ve got a very interesting theme and that is time. Why interesting you say? Because you can have

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Theme – Candies

This month, we have a very interesting theme that everyone loves. Our theme is about candies! I myself have a sweet tooth and I love everything

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Theme Snow

Theme – Snow

Winter is one of the best season that comes every year. Snow is beautiful in night and day and snow is actually fun! There’s so

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