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Horses have contributed a lot to human society. They were used as draft animals in the olden days and were even used in wars. One of the main means of transportation back then were horses. Horses were considered wild animals but it is believed that they were tamed and trained about 4,000 years ago. They have been a partner and friend to humans since then. There are now many different breeds of horses because of their exposure to humans. Some breeds are used for racing while others are bred for specific tasks.

There's something special about the relationship between horses and humans. For centuries, they've been working alongside us, helping us to plow fields and bring in harvests, carry goods and passengers, and explore unknown lands. They're also associated with the concepts of chivalry and cavalier, which suggest honor, respect, good manners, and straightforwardness. In many ways, they're the perfect example of what it means to be a noble and dignified creature.

Are you delighted with horses? Are you one of those who were mesmerized when they saw one? It may be because of their posture, their long and silky hair, their magnificent eyes, or their powerful legs. Whatever it may be, there’s no doubt that horses are one of the many amazing and wonderful creatures in the world. Showcase your memories with horses and create beautiful layouts like the ones you see below!

Toy Horses

Horses are a source of fascination for many kids. They are intrigued by these animals and their awe is evident when they lay their eyes on one. However, given that horses could be dangerous, toy horses provide a great way for kids to play and interact with them, while keeping them safe.

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Caring for Horses

There are plenty of ways you can show love and care for horses. Moreover, you commonly find them at the barn where they are usually taken care of. Feeding, petting, grooming, caressing, and showering them with love makes them more valuable, appreciated, and protected. For some, horses make wonders where they can then take your problems away when you communicate with them.

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Horse Ride

When you see horses, you can think of adventures. You would love to take a ride on a horseback and feel the wind rushing through your hair. It might be a little scary. There are a lot of things to put in mind that you should do when riding on them. Some horses get aggressive when you make a wrong move. And that can be dangerous. Have you ever ridden a horse? What were the things you considered before riding them?

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Layout by Maureen


My Horse

Having a horse is magnificent, exciting and amazing all in one. You create a wonderful bond with them. It also boosts your confidence and helps you relieve your stress in many ways. But keep in mind that raising and maintaining a horse can be expensive, requires a lot of attention, and requires plenty of land for the horse to run. Are you fond of horses? Do you own one?

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Horseshoes are made of metal and often rusted. This texture can be very suitable for many horse or farm-related projects. Of course, you can find other themes for that. I created a complete alphabet of rusted metal. What would you use them for?

Click HERE to get this rusted alphabet.

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