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Honeymoon originates from old English and is a combination of two words, “Honey” and “Moone.” Honey represents sweetness like the food, and Moone refers to the period of one month. Couples used to celebrate the first month of marriage drinking Mead (a sweet drink) gifted to them. Honeymoon historically refers to the first month of marriage, which is expected to be the sweetest.

This represents one of the most traditional elements of the whole wedding and one that is highly unlikely to ever go out of fashion, even today. It is the period a couple spends time together alone, enjoying just the company of each other, away from family and friends. The first unforgettable moments as a married couple happen during this event of their lives. It is the time to bond, relax, enjoy things together, go on adventures, reflect on the relationship and what comes ahead. After all the stress of wedding planning, married couples deserve a memorable honeymoon. They usually go on a vacation or a trip to celebrate it. 

How did you spend your honeymoon? Whether it could be on a beach, a trip to far away places, enjoying city lights or going on adventures, for sure it was a special one because you are with the one that you will spend your whole life with. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing layouts on how they celebrated the first memorable events of their married lives.

Beach Honeymoon

When planning on where to celebrate your honeymoon, the beach could be at the top of your list. This is the most common place to go to because there are a lot of things you can do together when you are on the beach. You can enjoy swimming in the ocean, playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles, indulging in watersports, or loving the company of each other in a romantic dinner by the beach. What activities on the beach did you most enjoy together?

Layout by Ruth

Layout by Bev

Layout by Jessica

Adventure Honeymoon

Some couples look forward to total relaxation on their honeymoon, but others crave constant adventure. Going on adventures might be exciting but sometimes risky and involve physical activities. This might be a great way to make new, refreshing, and invigorating memories. You may look forward to enjoying mountain hiking, camping in the woods, wall climbing, scuba diving, zip lining, or going on a safari.

Layout by Stacia


Layout by Rebecca


Layout by Rebecca

Hobby Honeymoon

Reconnect with past passions and grow the bond with your significant other by taking a hobby honeymoon. Likely, you each have different interests or hobbies. You may enjoy together the hobbies of each other like going on Fair rides, watching theater acts or musicals, swimming with dolphins, making new recipes or biking to explore different places.  

Layout by Brenda

Layout by Chris

Cruise Honeymoon

After planning a wedding, sometimes the only thing you want on the itinerary for your honeymoon is plenty of rest and relaxation. Cruise honeymoon can be a perfect way to start a life as husband and wife! This is great for couples that like different degrees of activity. Kick back and relax while you take in all the beauty that the world has to offer.


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