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It's so rewarding to be appreciated and recognized for a job well done, especially if you receive an award for it! It's a great affirmation that your talent, skill, excellence, and hard work have been noticed. It gives you validation and a confidence boost, and it's also motivation to keep performing at your best.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being rewarded for doing well. Not only is it fulfilling on your part, but it's also inspiring for others. The happiness, joy, and pride that come with being recognized for your accomplishments are simply incomparable. Whether it's an award from school, work, or even a competition, being recognized for your achievements is always an incredible feeling. But receiving recognition from your loved ones is even more special. There's no greater satisfaction than knowing you've made your family proud.

Have you ever received an award? How does it make you feel? Proud parents and loved ones will definitely create a wonderful page for these achievements similar to what our featured layout designers below have done to these remarkable moments.  


Receiving an academic award means you have met, or even exceeded, the expectations placed on you by educators and peers. It can be given for completing all requirements and attaining outstanding educational achievement, or for winning different kinds of academic competitions. Academic awards recognize the level of intelligence, perseverance and hard work of the recipient. All the hardships you went through have paid off.

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Sports and Athletics

Engaging in sports and athletics can be extremely rewarding, both mentally and physically. Not only does it require dedication and discipline, but engaging in sports can also teach important life skills, such as leadership and accountability. What sports are you in? Did you also experience great preparation before the event?

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Employee and Service

It's not often that people have a passion for their work. For some, work is simply a way to make money and pass the time. However, those who take pride in their duties and strive to do their best deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. Awards and acknowledgement can motivate and inspire many to do their best and produce excellent results. Whether it's recognition for excellent performance, tenure, leadership, or outstanding collaboration, those who go above and beyond should be celebrated.

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Talent is an exceptional natural ability, especially in a particular activity. Not everyone has a talent, may it be in music, drama, writing or arts. It could be envious of many when someone receives an award because of their talent. It could also spark admiration for a lot of people. What kind of talent do you have? Have you  joined talent competitions?

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Whether you are showcasing a first place or a third place, you can embellish your project with one of these three medals. They are fairly plain but you can customize them further by changing the color of the ribbons. Each medal is about 700 pixels wide and the ribbons are 1800 pixels high so you can place those medals however high you want, on your project.

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