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When you’re upset, having troubles, feeling left out and lonely, who do you lean on to? When you’re happy and excited with the news you have, who do you want to share it with?  We usually turn to our friends, right? Even the slightest detail we have about ourselves was shared to a friend. They probably know our secrets better than our family.    

Friends definitely have more impact and contribution to your well-being since you spend long hours with them when you are at school or at work. The relationship you have with them mold your personality and how you deal with some situations. There were great memories and adventures that taught you so much about friendship. There were tough times which tested your bond with your friends, and for sure, you survived it together.  

There's a lot to be said about friendship. For some, it's all about the simple act of spending time with someone and having their back. Others consider themselves lucky if they can count on one or two true friends they can trust with anything. Whatever definition it may have, you can always celebrate friendship by creating beautiful pages with your most unforgettable memories together. Take a look at these wonderful layouts featuring friendship that might ignite your interest to showcase your moments with your friends!

Childhood Friends

The first friends you have are your childhood friends. The relationship you formed was the beginning of all the things you have learned in friendship. They taught you how to interact, understand, laugh with each other and show concern. Do you still remember your childhood friends and the memories you have with them during your early days?

Layout by RachelUK


Layout by Mandy



Longtime Friends

Friendship that was strengthened by the test of time and distance is the strongest bond that cannot be replaced. You will not always be together but the relationship you have holds a special place in your heart. The memories you shared create wonderful attachment that you will forever treasure. Anyway, friends are always one call away, aren’t they?

Layout by Betty


Layout by Betty



Group of Friends

You also have your group of friends who are there for you no matter what! It is wonderful to think about the adventures you had with them. Different personalities and different interests but still jive in! It is so interesting to know how you bond with a group of people that you eventually make friends with. Sharing laughter, little secrets, worries and achievements with them is great and comforting. The more, the merrier, right?

Layout by Tina


Layout by KeddyO


Furry Friends

That friend who will listen to you without judgment is your furry friend! You are the only thing in the world that matters to them. They form that great bond with you and with other furry friends you have. They are the most faithful and loyal friends you’ll ever have! Isn’t it amazing to have that friend that looks you in the eye without even saying a word, but still feels what’s inside you? What a great connection!

Layout by Susan


Layout by Adele


Layout by Darkchami


Layout by Ozelle


Layout by LNB


Layout by Dnurse


If you have a photo of your friend (or both of you) doing something unexpected, silly or totally strange, you can showcase it using a fun quote frame. You can get an English and a French version of the same frame. Although it is all black, you can colorize it to your liking, to match your project.

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