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When i learned to write, in grade 1, i learned cursive writing, then, i had to learn the other style in grade 2 when i changed school, and back to cursive in grade 3. Is that why my cursive handwriting was so fluid? Maybe so.

Good handwriting

Throughout my elementary grades (and after too), i was known as having a nice handwriting. Often, students in my class were told to pay more attention and write more legibly, but that was never an issue for me. On the contrary, i was often being praised for my handwriting. When we had gold stars for various skills or behaviors, i would always get one for handwriting.


Back in the 60's, photocopies were far from the norm, so in order to have documents in multiple copies, the staff used mimeograph. The original document had to be either typed or handwritten on a special type of paper before being put as a "plate" on the rotating machine to create multiple copies.

I was picked

Since i had a nice and easy to read handwriting, one day, in Grade 5, the teacher asked me if i would be willing to "write" the exam for the class. It meant that i would obviously read all the questions ahead of everyone. Although i might have seen the multiple choices, i am not sure i had access to the actual answers, but in exchange for my work and my time, i was going to be exempt from taking the test. What a treat!

Did you have a particular skill that teacher could use when you were in school? What was it? Tell us in the comments below. We are all curious!

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