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Kids' perception or interpretation of things that surround them is very different than how adults see them, and as kids grow up, sometimes, it will differ from what their peers understand. I experienced that when i was in grade 4.

Class newspaper

I am not sure if it was related to a class project or if it was supposed to be some extra-curricular activity, but the teacher had organized that we would have a class newspaper to share various news about the students in the class.

A name?

As the first assignment we had about this newspaper, we had to pick a name for it. On the board, everyone was invited to submit names for the paper and then, we would have a discussion and a vote for it, later on.


At the time, my dad was a hockey fan, and I would watch with him. At the end of each game, three stars were picked. I thought it would a good idea to name the newspaper "L'étoile", which is the French version for "The Star".


When the time came to discuss the names suggested on the board, I remember that the other kids thought it was a ridiculous name, as if I had suggested to call it "The Moon". I tried to explain the other meaning of a "star", but they were too busy laughing at a paper called "The Star", that they just decided to scratch that suggestion as totally ridiculous. I was hurt. I still thought it was a good suggestion, and they just didn't want to listen.

The Star

Isn't it interesting that, many many years later, I heard that a very famous newspaper, in New York, was actually called "The Star"? To this day, I still think our grade 4 newspaper should have been called "L'étoile"!

Do you remember a time when you found that others just didn't understand things the way you did? Maybe you knew more than they did? Maybe you understood things they didn't? Share your story in the comment.

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