6 Ways to add journaling

Whenever you are working on a scrapbook project, it is important to add some information about the page. Including a story will make that page that much more engaging than just looking at pictures. The way you include journaling can be simple and traditional but it can also be unique and creative. Let's have a look at ways you can include your stories.


If you have a project that includes a light and fairly uniform background, you can add your journaling without any special treatment. As long as you choose a font that is easy to read, you will be fine. This is likely the most common way to add journaling.

On a mat

Sometimes, the background papers might be a little busy, and adding text directly to them might make it hard to read. In that case, adding a solid color (or very light pattern) mat would help make the journaling stand out. You can use any piece of paper and call it a mat!

Tags, labels, tickets

It is always important to add meaningful information to a scrapbook project. Names, dates, and locations might be obvious for now, but you will possibly forget over time. You can use smaller elements, like tags, to include those bits of information.

Pieces of paper

Although you really don't need to use lines on a paper, this approach will resemble traditional scrapbooking where text would be written on a piece of notebook paper. If you want to use this, you can add the text as wrapped inside the margins of the paper, and then adjust the Leading value to match the line spacing. If you use a handwritten font, it will be a great match.

Of course, you could use any other type of paper or cards, like index cards. You can also find some journaling cards that have enough blank space to add short stories to them.


If you have a short story to share, you can write it as a frame or part of a frame. You can use the text-on-path technique and place the text around any shape. That is a fine way to frame your photo with an original element.

Strips of paper

Whether you want to separate individual words or whole phrases, you can put them on long strips of paper. This is a pretty tedious task so you could use a script to create Journal bits or Phrase strips. This will allow you to finish your project much faster!

A variation on this idea would be the embossed tape that we are familiar with. It is another way to add words and phrases on a strip of something.


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