10 minutes to scrap – Group it

One major advantage of digital scrapbooking over the traditional paper scrapbooking is the time needed to start and complete a project. Of course, one can still work hours and hours on one layout but you can also stop midway and get back to it later. However, some scrapbookers feel overwhelmed when they want to do scrapbooking because they see the whole project in front of them and they know they don't have 3 hours available before dinner. Not even one straight hour.

Let's have a look at ways you can organize your projects in small tasks, and it will seem more feasible in your busy life.

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Add and Remove selections in PSP

Using the Selection tool is great when you need to create a simple shape selection, however, there are times when you need more than one step to create an oddly shaped area or when you want to correct one that is too large or too small. There is a simple way to fix that without pulling your hair.

The toolbar

Did you ever notice that, when you have a Selection tool active, whether it is the Selection, the Freehand Selection, the Magic Wand or the Smart Selection Brush, the toolbar will include one setting called Mode?


This means that you can have a selection and then add another one by using the Add mode. This allows you to create multiple selections like this where I added three rectangular selections:

This allows you to add identical frames for example.

This is much faster than having to create each individual frame separately!

In the previous example, I used the same selection tool with the same shape, but I can also combine different shapes or even different tools, like starting with a rectangular selection and then add some point to point selection.

And once you have your selection, you can copy and paste it somewhere else, on another project, or on its own.

Not only you can add selection areas, but you can also choose the Remove mode. This can allow you to adjust a selection that might be too large, or oddly shaped.


The keyboard shortcuts

In addition to being able to change the Mode to Add or Remove from the default Replace, you can also change that Mode by a simple keystroke: holding the Shift key will automatically add the selection and holding the Ctrl key will automatically remove the selection. This makes it so much faster when you are in the process of making complex selections and you need to add a little here or remove a little there.

For further details and examples along with various projects, you can check out two classes just on selections. You can find them in our Master Class list. The two classes are the following:



3 ways to colorize laces

You might have gathered some digital laces, either by purchasing them, by extracting them (that is quite a chore) or by using picture tubes. Sometimes, they might be exactly the color you want, but most of the time, you might have to use whatever you have on hand. But that is not the case when you have PaintShop Pro. In fact, there are several ways you can change the color of lace using different techniques. Let's have a look at three of them.

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Featured Resource – Vector Spiral script

A lot of people know that I am specializing in scripts, but others are even more knowledgeable than I am among them, is LeviFiction. You might have seen him in the Corel user-to-user forum helping out other members, but also posting various advanced scripts for anyone to use. One of those is a script to create a vector spiral. I wish I had the ability to create such spirals in the past, as it could help achieve so many projects.

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Theme – Computers

In recent years, we have made astounding technological advances and the most notable of these advances are ones made to computers. Computers are almost indispensable for many people all over the world. It is widely used in business, the academe, in hospitals, scientific research, and you know what else? Our scrapbook layouts!

Computers are like electronic magical devices that make our lives easier and accessible. Isn’t that fascinating? Families and friends all over the world can contact each other in seconds and businesses are thriving using this technological marvel. What fun!

You may actually be on your PC reading this blog post right now! You may also have a tale to tell just like all of these fellow designers who took inspiration from computers.

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Additional content for PSP 2018 and up

When you download and install PaintShop Pro, from versions 2018 and up, you might notice that there are very few supplies included, like brushes, picture tubes, preset shapes, patterns and such. It seems there are files and supplies missing, especially compared with previous versions. Is that the case? Not exactly. In order to keep the installation file smaller, those supplies are simply not included, so you have to get them yourself. Here is how.

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Workspaces in PaintShop Pro

When version 2018 of PaintShop Pro was developed, in 2017, one of the goals of Corel was to make the program and its interface easier for the users. Newcomers would have a simpler workspace with fewer tools so they would not be overwhelmed. Did that work? To some extent it did, but at the same time, it surprised many regular users who upgraded to that version. Even newcomers might be a bit lost if they try to follow some tutorials that use commands or tools that they can't seem to find.

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Adding Brushes to PaintShop Pro

Brushes are extremely powerful tools in PaintShop Pro and if you go online, there are a lot of resources that you can use to add brushes to your program, however, different sources will offer them in numerous formats and each of them requires you to get them inside PSP differently, which can become confusing. Let's streamline all those options.

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Theme – Sewing

Can you bring a sewing pattern into reality? Do you have a passion for textile transforming into clothes, home essentials, accessories, and the like?

You may be sewing as a hobby or as a career. You may have just sewn your first button or gone through thread like there’s no tomorrow. For some, sewing is a form of therapy. For others, it’s a career they enjoy.

Whatever your take may be, for sure, your sewing prowess deserves a page. Take inspiration from the following layouts.

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