Using the Background Eraser in PaintShop Pro

When working on photos, we might want to remove a background element, often a grey sky, to replace it with something "prettier" or just different. The Background Eraser tool is commonly mentioned as the tool to achieve this first step of removing the unwanted area. Although it is a great tool, it might not always work as you expect it, and it might leave you somewhat puzzled by its behavior. Let's have a look at how it works and what the various settings affect the end result for you.

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Gold Star – Michele

In the last few months, Michele has become a very active member of our community, sharing projects and layouts, participating in our games and challenges, but also encouraging others and being an inspiration herself when she shares how she creates this or that. Everyone appreciates her taking time to share that. So, what else do you know about Michele?

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Theme – Grandparents

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.

Would you agree?

I bet you would! Some of your best childhood memories were those spent with grandpa and grandma and the times they spoilt you rotten with gifts, love, and attention. And those moments are great ideas for scrapbook pages.

Below are several layouts you can take inspiration from!

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A simple way to extract elements

Whether you are doing scrapbooking, cards, or collages, you might want to extract a particular element from a photo to use separately as a decoration. There are multiple ways to select the outline of an element, ranging from the simplest Magic Wand to the Object Extractor. What tool you will use will depend on various factors, namely the type of element you need to extract, and the background that needs to be removed. However, there is one technique that is less known yet it seems to be the easier to use than most of the others.

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The Perspective Correction Tool

When you take pictures of objects, buildings or surroundings, you might not always be able to place yourself perfectly straight in front of it to take a centered and proportional photo. You might be at a slight angle because of the physical environment, or maybe you were just too much in a hurry to move somewhere else. Either way, there is a tool in Paintshop Pro that will allow you to fix this issue.

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Featured Resource – Super Finder XT

Whatever resources you are collecting over time, photos, scrap kits, background images, etc. you might want to stay organized with folders and sub-folders. However, depending on the system you are using, you might still be looking for a needle in a haystack. You can probably use your search function on your computer to find specific elements or photos but there is another tool that is very convenient and works extremely fast.

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Scanning with your PaintShop Pro

Do you have a scanner at home? Typically, you will likely be scanning images and photos, save them onto your hard drive, then open them in your PaintShop Pro. But did you know you could scan from PaintShop Pro too? It is a function that has been added in recent versions of PSP, and it can save you some steps. I recently found that out, and for me, it is great news because, for unknown reasons, I can't seem to connect the scanner to my computer and scan directly. Go figure! But with PaintShop Pro's functionality, now, I can scan!

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