Workspaces in PaintShop Pro

When version 2018 of PaintShop Pro was developed, in 2017, one of the goals of Corel was to make the program and its interface easier for the users. Newcomers would have a simpler workspace with fewer tools so they would not be overwhelmed. Did that work? To some extent it did, but at the same time, it surprised many regular users who upgraded to that version. Even newcomers might be a bit lost if they try to follow some tutorials that use commands or tools that they can't seem to find.

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Adding Brushes to PaintShop Pro

Brushes are extremely powerful tools in PaintShop Pro and if you go online, there are a lot of resources that you can use to add brushes to your program, however, different sources will offer them in numerous formats and each of them requires you to get them inside PSP differently, which can become confusing. Let's streamline all those options.

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Theme – Sewing

Can you bring a sewing pattern into reality? Do you have a passion for textile transforming into clothes, home essentials, accessories, and the like?

You may be sewing as a hobby or as a career. You may have just sewn your first button or gone through thread like there’s no tomorrow. For some, sewing is a form of therapy. For others, it’s a career they enjoy.

Whatever your take may be, for sure, your sewing prowess deserves a page. Take inspiration from the following layouts.

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Out-of-bound technique

Using graphics programs allow us to manipulate images in ways that would have been unheard of, without those tools or extremely difficult or time-consuming. The Out-of-bound technique is one of those effects that can be done very creatively to enhance various photos. The principle is simple: part of the image looks like it is coming out of the actual picture.

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Featured Resource – Page Curl Pro

Page Curl Pro is a fairly old plugin that has been used for years. It works as a plugin for PaintShop Pro, just like for Photoshop or a few other programs. It allows you to create folds and curls on a source image to achieve some very interesting results. Of course, you could do all that manually with your PaintShop Pro, but sometimes, it could be nice to have a faster and more precise way to get the same result.

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Do you need .png or .PspTube format?

The name "tube" has been used around for several years but has meant something different, in different contexts. PaintShop Pro has a feature called "Picture tubes", which are elements placed on a project with a click of the mouse. On the other hand, "tubes" have been seen as an element that has been extracted and has no more background, whether that was done in PaintShop Pro or any other graphics program. This has led to common confusions in the use of those elements and their format. Let's look into this more deeply.

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Theme – Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Kids sure love unwrapping presents! Some people love receiving gifts, while some enjoy giving away presents.

It’s not all the time that we receive a gift wrapped in fancy paper and all tied up with a beautiful bow. Sometimes, the greatest gift we have received came in a rather not-so-fancy wrapping but these are the things (and people) that we cherish the most!

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