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Can you help me?


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I need to check for links as some people have had issues downloading various freebies in the Campus and on the store blog. Can you tell me if these links would trigger the downloads or not.


1-Snowman DIY from amazonS3


2-Shorter Link from amazonS3


3-Shorter Link from server


4-Longer link from server


5-Shorter Link from GD


6-Longer link from GD


7-Short link 3.1.1 Amazon


8-Short link 3.1.1 Server


9-Short link from server and bitly


10- Short link from Amazon and bitly


Which ones of those links DO trigger a download, and which ones DON'T?


I will start troubleshooting by identifying various locations and medium for the downloads.


Tell me what browser(s) you used and your Windows version.

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I have again tried the downloads and all worked for me.


5 & 6 showed a directory of the files in the zip and I had to click the download icon in the top right corner to download the zipped files.


I amusing Firefox brouser on windows 10 (but not the latest upgrade as this stops  the touch pad working on my computer)


Tried on another computer with the latest version of windows 10  ver 20H2  and for 5 + 6 I geta message "Coudn't preview file There was a problem with the network. Retrying"


Using the download button displayed below this message  does download the zip

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Yes Ann, the site is still slow. Actually, the programmer who should be working on it is also quite slow!


It is interesting that all the links work for you on W7!


Although the link shortener plugin SEEMED to be causing issues, I tried another one that is NOT a plugin, and it does not seem to solve the problem, so maybe Windows/browsers are becoming picky with shortened links in general??

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Hi,  1,4,5 and 6 worked for me. By 5 and 6 from GD I get to see the files and can then use the GD download button, just as in the email you send me. I'm on Windows 10 with the latest updates installed and on Chrome browser.


If you want me to test more I'm more then happy to do so. Ofcourse we have a time difference of 6 hours, so my answers may come a little bit later.


I looked at the results from the others and there does not seem an obvious denominator between us.


Good luck!

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Yes Corrie, that seems to be the problem: not one common denominator identified yet, other than the shortened versions are problematic. After that point, it is still a mystery why SOME can download, while others can't.


I'll keep posting tests in this thread, if I do.


Thanks for helping me out.

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