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  1. How about ArchiveGrid - https://researchworks.oclc.org/archivegrid/
  2. Did you look at archive.org ?
  3. Day 6 - PSP2019 there is no rope tube. I used stitch, and it just looks weird. It looks like it put each letter on a new layer too. I guess there is some setting i would need to change.
  4. I'm calling this Day 2 & 3--I used my title for Day 2, on my Day 3 page. I'm not sure if that makes me efficient or a slacker 😉 I don't know why, but my text became a 'floating selection'. It took me a bit of time to figure out what to change, so it was a frustrating evening! I imagine there is some reason you would want text to be a 'floating selection', but I don't know why.
  5. Susan--my first real 35 mm camera was a Ricoh XR1, which I still have. But I don't know if I could still buy 35 mm film today. I bought my Ricoh when I graduated from high school because I could not afford a Pentax K1000, and the Ricoh was very similar and cheaper, and used the Pentax K-mount lenses. Good memory!
  6. Julie--I have had the same thing happen with the Text tool and Materials Palette! I was beginning to think I was crazy! Oh, maybe I am crazy but at least someone else has has experienced the same issue...
  7. Day 1 title--this was going to be a page with a photo of my garden seedlings inside just beginning to grow. But since it is Day 2 already, that page won't be happening right now, so I am posting just my text title.
  8. I am here, I also hope I have time...
  9. I think I have too many things on my plate this week.....or too many things on my mind. I don't seem to have time to focus on the process for this workshop. I try to watch the lesson each day and look thru all the forum posts!
  10. On Lesson 1, the greeting card template-- Do I make each of the Stroke layers into a mask??? I'm lost.
  11. Did I miss the announcement of who won the prizes? Congratulaions to whoever did!
  12. Project 5 -- I'm gonna call it 'done'. It has taken several days, created some frustration. Maybe added a few more gray hairs on my head 🥴 I know there are only 3 small squares. I made 4, but when I began merging them into one layer I realized I had the last one on a layer with something else....and I decided 3 squares were good 🥴 Now that I have thought about it, I suppose I could have used the history to figure out where I messed up and corrected it?
  13. Picture tubes--https://learn.corel.com/picture-tubes-in-paintshop-pro/ You can also google 'PSP picture tubes' Have fun!
  14. Gabrella, how did you get the rounded corners on the frames? I kinda like that! I 'think' when you got the window to 'select selecion borders' you used something other than Inside....that is my guess? Pets have always left an empty hole in my heart when they are gone 😞
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