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  1. I have done the bootcamp a couple of times, it is always a good review and reminder. There are techniques I learn and then forget about. Like the pinked paper edge! You could eaily change it to a scallop, and adapt it to your project. Also using a paper to fill the text. I should practice that again. Thanks for the review!
  2. Project 5- I began to use the "Cranberry" kit, but there are no solid papers in that kit. So I used 2 of the patterned papers for the squares...but it just didn't look good to me. Last night I decided to just close it up and look again tomorrow. Today, it still didn't look good to me! I decided to pull a couple of colors out of the photo and use them for the squares. And then PSP didn't seem to want to cooperate, so I closed it down again. I feel like I have done this page many times today. So I guess that means I am done with it. There are several things I would change, if I had more time or more patience today...
  3. Project 4 I dug in my photos and found some photos from a short trip several years ago, a visit to the 'State Pen'. It was a planned trip, so it was fun. I used a bunch of random papers and I guess that is how it looks! I should have planned better. I will try to use a kit next time. I am running to another doctor appointment today, so out of time now.
  4. Project 3-- It is always so interesting to see how everyone uses the tutorial in a slightly different way! I used the glitters, but I didn't like the color so I adjusted it....and it doesn't look very glittery now. I used the guides, it is a good way to make things the same size that don't start out that way. I am not sure I am entirely happy with my choice of papers and colors, but I am finished for tonight. Maybe I will like it better tomorrow 😉
  5. Project 2, but I don't know what day! Guess I am on a spring flowers theme. I took this photo this past week when I visited a garden that my fellow Penn State Master Gardener's maintain, at the Outdoor Discovery Center. I'm not able to participate in gardening activities right now, because I am in 'recovery mode'. The weather has been tempting me tho! I used part of the same kit I used on Project 1, and the same fonts. I tried rotating the background paper so it would look different, but it just looked odd to me, so I used contol + Z and undid it. I also used part of another kit called Dandelion Wishes. I loved seeing the crocus blooming at this garden. Either the chipmunks steal the ones I plant, or the voles eat them, or both....but I keep trying...gotta feed the wildlife 😉
  6. I had to use the jpg Optimizer to get my 600 pixel image small enough. I don't think I had to do that before? Or maybe I am mistaken!
  7. Project 1--The fonts are Strong Signature and Underwood Champion. Kit is "A Spring to Behold" Photo is mine.
  8. Hey y'all, I'm here too....I'm just slow. I have done Bootcamp a couple of times. It is always a good 'refresh' for me. I will be using 2019. I like a medium gray workspace, and dark gray background. I don't know what photos I will be using. I had some major surgery Feb 22. When I signed up for Bootcamp, I knew it would be during 'recovery time' for me, but I didn't realize how slow recovery would really be, and how limited I would be physically. I am seeing signs of spring out my window, so I may look for photos of spring to use.
  9. I did this for the Greeting Card Workshop in 2022.
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