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  1. Hi Carole, I hope you’ve had a wonderful day. May the year ahead be filled with joy and happiness and all you love.
  2. Week 16 All the conifers in the garden have new growth. The photo is of new cones on a fir tree - I just thought they were cute.
  3. Week 15 At last I managed to get a half way decent photo of a goldfinch – two of them waiting for me to stop peering at them so that they can get on with eating the Niger seeds.
  4. E = Echinops (The Globe Thistle)
  5. Corrie, Happy Birthday and all best wishes for a wonderful trip.
  6. It does and is surprisingly loud for a little one!
  7. Week 14 Sorry, I’m so late. My photo shows one of the delightful chaffinches that visit my garden.
  8. Week 13 Two rooks getting ready in lots of time with nest building
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