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Let's see all the projects you can do during our various workshops

Make sure to resize your projects to about 600x00 pixels and upload a jpg version.

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    • There is a double meaning behind the title 3 cords and the truth.
      It is a quote from (Professor of Rock a YouTuber who tells the stories behind Music from the 80's)
      He uses it as his closing line when his videos are over.
      The second meaning of the line is my truth (I'm better at playing with pictures of my guitar
      then I am at playing the guitar LOL anyone willing to give lessons?)
    • This is late for the March Scrapbook Workshop, but I did have fun doing it. I thinking I might design a page with our cat for each holiday. 
    • What a lovely verse, and such a nice layout - would make nice Easter cards!
    • It looks like you had  a lot of fun with this!
    • Project 2 "Adventure"
      This image turned into an adventure all its own. There are several layers here
      1 The background image was a Music Background from an image search.
      2 The Guitar and Record frame was also from an image search.
      3 The red music notes were originally white and were Selected from a border as a group and pasted into the image.
      4 The Goof in the frame is me with my guitar ( it is an ION Guitar not a very well-recognised brand but it was affordable when I got it)
      5 The Picture of the Guitar and Amps are mine (The big Amp is an ION as well it came with the guitar the smaller Amp is a BlackStar, and the effects pedal is a Digitech)
      6 The Blue musical notes at the top spell out Musical Mayhem the font used was "Mozart"
      7 The Musical Mayhem on the bottom is in "Blatant" font
      This may have been slight overkill for the project but I think it works well together.
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