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  1. Good evening, phew, I don't understand why working in the layers is so complicated in PSP? In PI and PS you can work with each individual level separately. I don't understand what "floating" means and why you should constantly move a layer somewhere in between. That's when you get on your nerves. I was able to easily insert and edit the small photos in PI as a PSD file. I hope that the end result should look like this. Titel: Girls & Horses
  2. Hello everyone🙋‍♀️, I'm also there now because I also want to use the masks in PSP. I can already do it in PI. I just need challenges in order to learn as daily as possible so that it sticks in my head. Thank you Carole💞 , for all the learning opportunities and making the material available I have now received the first three lessons, translated and now I'll do one and, if I'm not tired yet, the second lesson to catch up. Here in Germany it's only 2 p.m.
  3. Hi Ann, for me this is a wedding with a touch of nature, everyone is wearing cheerful colors, the bride is still in white, I can still tolerate that for a wedding, but the wedding I described was in the early 90s and the bride was in black ( I was once offered an embroidered black dress at a bazaar in Egypt, something Bedouin women wore, I had long black hair back then ;)) it shocked me a bit, despite the fact that I have a live and let live attitude. As "sad" as the marriage began, it will probably end, she is in the final stages of MS and have 3 children (grown)
  4. Thank you Ann for your story, is it summer and i think very entertaining (?) but my story.... The bride wore a black, oriental dress with red cross-stitch embroidery on the top and we were served totally inedible African food. We said goodbye early because of the long journey home... and ate our fill at a highway service station at Burger King on the way🍔🥪🍟🍕 😄
  5. I have already experienced such a wedding...right down to the unusual food...from a German couple from the married family...
  6. Hi, I've been working on the Masterclass video cutout today because I love cutout design so much. I'm still having a bit of a problem with the buttons. And I actually got the beginning right first time. So that it doesn't look so boring, I framed it a bit.
  7. Doska St.

    Doska - Masterclass Album

    Hi all, since fonts are an important building block for my scraps, I started with the font and stitching tutorials. Since joining Creative Fabrica, I know something about glyphs. However, PI did not support this. And it's wonderfully easy to do in PSP, which makes me very happy. That's why I started with a simple thank you card, which I also published in DS at Carole's Freebies.
  8. Hi Carole, here I am again with the next malfunction🙄: The buttonholes worked (I had forgotten to remove the eye of the 2nd circle last time) only the next step - Innerbevel didn't work either. Maybe you see the error on the screen?
  9. Yes, that's exactly why 😄 But it looks good😍. There don't have to be many.
  10. Susan,the pencil script makes your teapot look even more interesting to me than the original photo of the silver teapot.
  11. Wow Bonnie, your great scrap is lavishly decorated with matching elements 😉 For us it would be a medieval festival. For more than 500 years, the Peter and Paul Festival has been celebrated annually near us, in Bretten.
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