Seamless Design with PaintShop Pro

This 45 minutes workshop is packed with tricks to help you create your own seamless design. The complete set includes:

  • the online edited recording, with captions and zoom-in to help you view even better than the live version,
  • a downloadable version of the same edited video you can view at your leisure, even offline,
  • the 16 page written documentation that you can print and refer to at any time.

Although most of the presentation is using PaintShop Pro version X3, the tools used are available in all the previous versions too, so you can create your seamless tiles whatever PaintShop version you have.

Use a png element to create a whole seamless background :

Or use a photo and turn it seamless:

And you can even create your own design, as seamless:

Get it all, right now
  • the online edited recording,
  • a downloadable version of the same edited video
  • the 16 page written documentation

 Cost:  $19.99


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