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    • As I am moving along with this book, I am thinking of having one whole chapter/section for PSP tutorials, or how to work with PSP for the basics. I am thinking of addressing how to work with Layers, the Text tool, the Brushes, and the Picture tubes. Since it is not going to be a PSP manual, what other "tool" do you think would need to be expanded in a digital scrapbooking book? I assume that the readers will at least be basically familiar with PSP and not complete newbies yet, we all know that even those with some experience with the program still don't feel comfortable with everything it can offer (and that could be useful in digital scrapbooking).
    • Beautiful shot.  Me and my co-worker get so excited to see them at work, in the bush right outside the door we go in.  my co-worker is the expert spotter. otherwise I'd walk right by even though I am looking for them.  the very small empty lot across the street from work in the spring/summer has 7-8 that I can actually see (probably more hiding).  I wish they wouldn't cut the wild grasses/weeds, so they could hide better from the coyotes.  I still cant help wanting to smoosh my face right up in it's fur.  (side note: I don't, and when we spot one we are quiet and do not disturb them, poor things have a hard enough life being at the bottom of the food chain).  
    • I can see why you stumbled across it! It is so well hidden in the surrounding snow heap with some traces of darker straw/old grass that have the same color of it ears and nose.
    • Chris all the best and I hope you will feel better soon!
    • I know I'm a litte early, as it's anyones guess what I will find to photograph in the next few days.   There isn't any doubt in my mind that this photo is going to be weeks 8.  White-tailed Hare. North Americans call hares Jackrabbits. They are not rabbits.  They belong to the same family, different species.   They are are extrememy difficult to find, as they blend in well with their habbitat. From dawn til dusk they sit motionless, regardless of what mother nature throws at them. (-24c this morning) Like many animals they are capable of sleeping with their eyes open.   Of course they are nocturnal.  I will be able to observe this one from the kitchen window, using bincoulars, as it is cwtch down,  out  in the stubble, where  we have moved snow from the yard.  I stumbled across it whilst out tracking their movements last night in the snow.
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