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    • thank you Corrie.  I'm sure I learned it from Marie-Claire a few years ago. Sometimes if I like most of the script, and it's not working the way I like, I will break up one word into two separate Vectors (a few letters is one vector, the rest of the word another vector) or even I might have go as far as one letter as a separate vector, especially if it's just the one causing it not to work.  then move everything into place where I want and from there make the raster version of each and merge them (or merge visible to a new layer and work on that) keep the background frame separate or merge it too.  Usually I do this, but I will also have duplicated that background frame in case I want to do something different to it or be able bevel the word differently than the background so it shows up looking more 3D on the background frame.  So many options of what you can do.  It's a great technique isn't it?  Looking forward to seeing more of your creations from this technique.  Sometimes, when the text works perfect, it's a fast technique to do.  
    • As am I. Many of the birds  have such vibrantly colourful colours. Would you believe it, if I was tell you that they are incredibly  difficult to spot, as even with their  bright colours they blend into their habitat  perfectly. Usually, especially with the orioles, as they are always very vocal. I listen from where the song is coming from, and then look hard for them.
    • I love your photos and I'm always stunned by the colors of the birds in your part of the world!
    • Donna, lovely and when I have some time left I'll give the the string tutorial a try. There are so many tuts that I probably never will have time enough to do them all😉
    • So, I have the Title and the Table of Contents
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