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  1. Doesn't everyone hear their cats talk? Mine are constantly reminding me that their ancestors were revered as gods and I should act accordingly.
  2. Although I could make a case for the spelling, I'll 'fess up. I rely way too much on spell check, which does not work inside PSP. And to think I was a spelling bee finalist in grade school. My teachers would be appalled!
  3. Carole - I didn't make the connection with the Scraplift Challenge. It's amazing to see the continuity between generations. Mother finally adjusted to the cats, and they rewarded her acquiescence with abounding love. The fonts for this project are Cute Cat and Stay at Home, both from Creative Fabrica.
  4. These are pictures of my mom with babies from three generations. She loves babies, and they all have returned the love as they got older. Now she is with me in home hospice. She can still muster a smile when I mention the name of the great-grandkids. The title font is FAMILY from Creative Fabrica. I added an inner bevel to help better define the silhouette. The script is Ernestone, also from Creative Fabrica. The papers and elements are from a kit, Inner Beauty, by Annie C. Digitals. P.S. The black and white picture is me. I wear my hair differently these days.
  5. It looks like it is posted in the gallery.
  6. I think God gets mad if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. - Alice Walker (paraphrased) I can't walk or scroll by the color purple without stopping to admire it.
  7. This was inspired by an article in The Washington Post about the healing benefits of the songs of birds. The article featured sound clips of the birds in the layout - meadowlark, bobolink, and woodpecker. The glitters were created using Carole's script Glitters-C. The papers and elements are from a kit, Celebrations, by Whispey D'Zines. The fonts are Spring and Ernestone, both from Creative Fabrica. I forgot to note that in the previous project, I used Carole's Smoothener script to eliminate the jagged pixels appearing in a selection's expansion. It did an amazing job.
  8. Carole - Lynda slept on a 4" memory foam bed under the window that was large enough to also accommodate Rudy and River. I think Rudy had to crawl over her to get to a spot where he could look out.
  9. The papers are from Marisa Lerin. The font is The Cat from Creative Fabrica, and the silhouette is from Jessica Dunn at Digital Scrapbook. The little guy in the window is Rudy. He watches when I leave and pops his head up when he hears me pull into the driveway. A side story ... In Lynda's younger days, she would get very excited when I came home. Even though she was deaf in her last few years, she would still poke her head up in the window and meet me at the door. I had no idea how she did it. I finally realized Rudy would wake her to tell her I was home. He was a devoted companion and protector.
  10. Carole - the meaning can range from cute to lovely to beautiful. It depends on the country and the delivery. When someone breathlessly says "que linda!" it is definitely "beautiful."
  11. I added a cookie as a reward/incentive. Although you can't tell by looking, it's sugar-free, as is the latte.
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