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  1. It's part of a set of tools called Powertoys, a free add-on to Windows. The mouse highlighter is great for finding the cursor, particularly on a busy screen. Just shake the mouse, and a big highlighter shows up, which shrinks down to highlight the cursor.
  2. I agree with Corrie. The highlighted pointer is a great help. I am using something similar to Windows Powertoys called Powertoys Awake. When I shake my mouse, a highlighter appears so I can find it.
  3. Carole - the 2nd image had revised shadows. It seems I made a bad design choice. Below is an image of how I got to that place. The left one is what I started with followed by the routine shadowing. The third is a cutout of the title with the fourth showing the shadowing. This is the one that I used. Had I put that on top of a solid color or a subtle pattern, the eye would have seen it for what it was. However, putting it on top of a bold and colorful pattern confused the eye. Using the original title, the eye would no longer be confused. From a little detail comes an important lesson, which is why I enjoy these workshops.
  4. Day 7. The picture is my cousin's house in Northern California. She loves holiday decorating and snow. The papers, Winter Day, are by Janet Kemp at Digital Scrapbook. The ribbon was created using Cassel's "Attached Ribbon" script. Instead of polka dots, I used snowflakes.
  5. Carole - I was overthinking the shadows. I used a cut-out for the title and exaggerated the shadow. Below is a revised version with normal shadowing.
  6. Day 6. Felix is my youngest great-nephew. The top ribbon is from Marisa Lerin at Digital Scrapbook. The bottom one was created using the Ribbon Factory script from Cassel. The mask was created with the help of the Paint Slash script, also from Cassel. The font is Retro Real Wavy from Creative Fabrica.
  7. Day 5. The mask was made using Summer Punches from Cassel. The waves were made using the Waving script, also from Cassel. The beach background is from Pixabay. I used the Sand Writing tutorial in the Campus to create the title. The "treasure" is my oldest great-nephew, Brelan who will be 16 in a couple of months.
  8. This one depicts random thoughts. If it needed a title, it would be My Mother's Day. Years ago, I started calling my mother on my birthday to thank her for being my mother. I called it My Mother's Day. When I moved back to Alabama to be with her, I would take her to dinner to celebrate (usually at a restaurant that gave a free dessert for my birthday!) This will be the first birthday without her. I may still go to a restaurant. After all, she wouldn't want me to miss out on a free dessert! The mask for my mother was made using a watercolor brush from Rikard Rodin. The raggedy edges and the gold from were made using Picture Frame in PSP.
  9. The car is from CleanPNG. The mask is from Graphics Creation. When I saw that it was Kaleidoscope Day, I set aside a couple of hours to stare mindlessly at the changing shapes and colors.
  10. I spent lots of time experimenting with the plaid, including tinkering with the settings for seamless tiling. Since the photos are "busy," I wanted a pattern that wouldn't compete. The green "plaid" looks closer to a grunge effect. The photos are mine. Although I'm not a good photographer, I keep finding little bits of a picture that look nice enough to showcase. The font is Welcome Spring from Creative Fabrica. The butterflies came from Pixabay. They already had shadows but in the wrong direction. Flipping them solved the problem.
  11. I had the same problem. The link kept redirecting me back to my Dropbox account. Since I had the template from the previous mask workshop, I was able to use it.
  12. Day 1. The script is Shocking Script from Creative Fabrica. The paper is from Pet Papers by Marisa Lerin on Digital Scrapbook.
  13. Day 7. Noah has been doing modeling and commercials. In one, he had to portray a child who was happily playing and suddenly dramatically sick. While the director praised his talent, his mother realized she saw the same behavior when she yelled, "Time to go to school!" Is it talent or practice? The kit is a collaboration called Boy of Mine from Go Digital Scrapbooking. The font is Nonplussed from Creative Market.
  14. Day 6. Technically, the pictures were taken at Gulf Shores. As a veteran Miamian, I understand the difference between a gulf and the ocean. However, Felix, who is six months old, and Amelia, who is three, are not interested in nuance. Besides, nuanced accuracy would have gotten in the way of the fun title I found. The kit is from Throwing Some Scrap Around by Jodi Watson, which I found on Go Digital Scrapbooking. Unfortunately, the website does not seem to be operational. The font is Hey Beach from Creative Fabrica.
  15. Never apologize for purple. "I think god gets mad if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it." (paraphrased from The Color Purple - Alice Walker.)
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