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  1. That is amazing. You did an excellent job.
  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Carole's flowers were a happy accident. After clicking through so many options, that one popped up.
  3. Day 7. One of the challenges with this one was grabbing hold of the correct node to move after cutting. I learned not to move the node too far before you determine it's the correct one. I had to start over a couple of times because I couldn't get it back in place to line up with the full shape. Carole - Thank you for the reminder about Vectors in Action. I recall that all of the Vector masterclasses were great. I'll definitely go back to watch them again. After every workshop I think about the Mickey Mouse song: Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company. See you real soon!
  4. Anne - I have the same problem. From the menu bar, go to View and find Customize. From there, find the Options tab and you will be able to change the size of the nodes, icons, and scroll bars. It's easy to change back and forth depending on what you need to do.
  5. Randy - Open File Explorer and right-click on OneDrive. In the pop-up menu, locate OneDrive. From there, you should be able to choose how you want the folders to be stored: locally on your computer, solely on OneDrive in the cloud, or both.
  6. Day 6. "It's Showtime" was me in avoidance mode. Playing with PSP is much more fun! The tubes are LED lights from Cassel. I did two runs at slightly different sizes. One tube layer is in front, and the other is in the back of the text. The spotlight is from Pixabay, and the light is from a group of brushes I had in my stash. I do have a couple of questions. Is there a way to have text that is not an outline? Rather than having a rope outline in the Sailing example, I would like to have the text as a single rope. My first thought was that it would need to be done manually, but I didn't like that thought. Is there another? Second, at some point, I saw Carole do a neat trick that turned a preset star shape into a flower using the node arms. Can you remind me how you did it? I would only get it to work one arm of the star at a time.
  7. I found this on Etsy while researching my new favorite demon. I couldn't resist ordering one for my office.
  8. Day 5: Mountain photo: Massimiliano Morosinotto (Unsplash) with a quote from novelist Mark Obmascik. Rainbow Roses: Denise Chan (Unsplash) with a quote from American poet Lucy Larcom (March 5, 1824 – April 17, 1893). The quote in the mountain photo is: "I like the mountains because they make me feel small. They help me sort out what's important in life."
  9. Day 3 and 4. The cats are napping, allowing me some alone time to concentrate.
  10. Jnet: I wish you the best on the move. The stress can take a toll on you, so take care. For the passwords, yuk and double yuk! When you can, check into password managers. There are several free versions of the more popular ones. Also, current browsers have built-in managers. I use one that can store information in the cloud and access it from anywhere and on any device. Good luck!
  11. Day 2 - I started over a couple of times today, but overall, it was easier. Carole: Unfortunately, the cats are not supervisory material. Ever since River watched a documentary on ancient Egypt, she has constantly reminded me that her ancestors were worshiped and that she needs to be fanned.
  12. Day 1 - I kept getting turned around with this project, and I'm unsure why. It was likely the distraction of purring cats. Daddy was cornered in his tiny office, and they took full advantage.
  13. This could have been the cover of an invitation or thank-you card for my niece's wedding (the mother of the 10-foot-tall teenager). The script font is Billie Ashley, and the sans serif font is Satreva. Both are from Creative Fabrica. Thanks to Carole for another fun and interesting workshop.
  14. The picture is of my youngest niece with her middle child, my great-nephew, Londyn, who appears to be 10 feet tall. He was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.
  15. That is a great ribbon. I love your work.
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