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my first layout

Peggy Jentoft

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Here is my first for the basic scrap class I am glad I signed up there were several thiiings I had either not done at all or had forgotton about . I do have aphantom bucket in there where I removed the ugly tub with the selection trick  but did not get rif of the shadow etc. liked adjusting the levels but need way more practice. this time I used the kit  plus made the egg from a preset shape made from a dinbat font .
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Basic Scrap Course 1 - Project 1


Level adjustments was something new to me and I will not forget it any time soon. I did try to change the alphas using various means to no avail.<i>  I was convinced hue and saturation was the key. That would have worked if all the alphas were of the same color.  Magic fill is a joy to use and got rid of the darn cable box out in front of the house.  A pity that it does not work in real life. I have used crop, duplicate, move and pick a lot in the past so it was kind of an old hat but still fun. I can not seem to break the habbit of vector text and shadows in Jasic's version 9 and Corel's version 10. I plan to work with that a while tomorrow to get into the swing of this way of doing vector text. I also hope to get some time to change my presets in 3D shadows. Just keep pointing out my problems  Cassel and I will try to amend them.</i>







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