6 ways to be nice to the Earth

Digital scrapbooking, by its very nature, will be an Earth-friendly alternative to traditional paper scrapbooking since it does not rely on physical products that need

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Are layers important?

Some painting and drawing programs mostly relied on a single layer of paint as if the user was drawing on an actual layer of paper. Of

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Adding texture to papers

Whatever project you want to create, sometimes a perfectly even background paper would look “fake” so you might want to add some unevenness to it

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Fun with titles

Typically, a scrapbook page will include a title. It is not mandatory but it is quite common. But what kind of title could you use?

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Shadows or no shadow

Digital scrapbooking is often a digital representation of traditional paper scrapbooking, and as such, it would require some shadowing to show the 3D effect that

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