6 Design Principles in scrapbook pages

Design principles are important for scrapbook pages because they provide a framework for creating a visually appealing and well-designed layout. The six design principles that will be mentioned in this

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Keeping texture on text

When adding text that replicates handwriting or printing, it can look like it is not really part of the project. If you write or print on something that has a

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Stacking papers in scrapbook pages

When creating a scrapbook project, or any other graphic project, you might consider stacking papers to create an interesting and different effect. But what is stacking paper and why? Let’s

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What to add in journaling?

Journaling is a common term used in scrapbooking, but what does it really mean? Does it mean writing a journal, like when those “personal diaries” were so popular, in high

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The right size for elements

When creating elements for your own projects, you will surely go by eye and create the elements at the size you need them at the time. However, if you want

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