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Live Workshops are available on a monthly basis, usually the first Sunday of the month. Register ahead of time to the workshops to be sent reminders ahead of time. Join us, ask questions, chat with other participants.

If you cannot attend the workshop, they are recorded and edited for your convenience and available free for one month only.

This month’s recorded workshop is available HERE.

The Master Classes are also offered which include the downloadable version of the edited recording, and a complete, detailed and illustrated written document that you can print and refer to as often as you want.

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Our next presentation

Date: October 5th, 2014

Time: 5PM Eastern time (GMT-5)

Topic: PSP in Stitches


Monogramming in Style

... how to make ordinary letters steal the show

  • edit those vector letters for a new look
  • embellish simple letters with elements
  • create a patchwork to display multiple papers


The Brush Variance Palette - 2

... the hidden palette full of gems

  • use the palette with the Eraser tool
  • create target practice or cheese
  • combine the settings with other hidden gems of the Eraser tool
  • use the palette with even more tools you didn't think of


The Brush Variance Palette

... the hidden palette at your fingertips

  • what is that scary looking palette?
  • create some neat shapes and elements
  • draw some intricate lacy edges
  • create a unique Bokeh background for your project


Titles that stand out

... and cannot be ignored

  • hand writing with a cheat
  • coloring like a kid
  • doodling lines (like you are bored in a meeting)
  • even using alphas in a dynamic way


Black and white gradients...

... can also show some colors

  • colorful flowers
  • unusual text
  • mask unwanted areas of photos
  • add intriguing effects to ordinary photos


Gradients are like a rainbow...

... with so much to discover

  • all those scary settings
  • creating your own gradients without fear
  • using those gradients in unique ways (I am sure they are new to you!)


What is a tube...

... and what it isn't

  • a new tool to discover
  • many settings to play with
  • images that can follow your cursor!


Transform your photos...

... even the bad ones (and nobody will know)

  • convert your photo into a text portrait
  • add a splash of color with brushes and mask
  • explode your subject at will


There is MAGIC in the air

... just catch it with PSP

  • add fairy dust
  • light up with energy
  • display big dreams on the wall


Stretch your imagination even more

... with a sketch that will turn into art

  • create custom cards and envelopes
  • embellish your signature
  • create custom calendar for yourself or as presents


Stretch your imagination

... with a sketch that will start it all

  • create your own layered template
  • modify the basic template in many ways
  • create cards
  • create Facebook cover images


Even more ways to show off!

... what is important

  • use your papers or even just solid colors
  • frame or journaling: two in one
  • those elements in a kit can also be used
  • give a hand made look with delicate or bold accents


Show off what is important!

... photos and more

  • a trick to avoid gaining weight
  • square and rectangular frames
  • a simple command with so many possibilities
  • use the photo to frame itself
  • create unique frames with tubes


Make your title the star!

... it deserves it, doesn't it?

  • Cutout, reflection (even with water)
  • Glass, or overlapped
  • Extruded or interlaced
  • Folded up


It is not just black or white

... but it is not grey either

  • What tools do you use for shading?
  • How do you get a 3D effect without the shadow?
  • Add shading that you CAN remove later
  • No more flat element!


More secrets about Text

... to play and create

  • Discover some hidden tricks
  • Use text to display photos
  • Go wild with text
  • Create custom Subway art


There is more to the Text tool than text

... even some non-text effects

  • Add text on path, even in reverse
  • Add text INSIDE a shape
  • Create chains with your own fonts
  • Discover new fonts for unique results


Now you can extract just about anything

... even those impossible curly hair

  • See how and when to use the masking technique
  • Use a new tool in PSP to do the hard work for you
  • Use an old favorite tool in much easier way
  • And just a little trick to finish off those "imperfect" extractions


Turn your photos into something unique

Even bad photos can make great art

  • Draw on a traditional blackboard with chalk
  • Even blurred photos can become a pop art poster
  • Get a blueprint without an architect


A masterpiece at your fingertips

No photo is left ordinary anymore

  • Create a cartoon out of your photo
  • Sketch it (perfect for bad colors!)
  • Watercolors can look magical
  • Combine those techniques for even more stunning results


Let it do the work automatically

Save time by telling PSP to work on its own

  • See how you can record basic scripts
  • What can it do?
  • Open up those scripts and tweak them to get different results


In a hurry to finish a project?

Save time before and while you scrap

  • Get organized from the start
  • Create some shortcuts
  • Use time-saving tools


Going back in time?

You are a real time machine, did you know?

  • Add old fashion photo border
  • Control the color of the photo
  • Change the texture from neat to grainy and scratched
  • Add creases, folds, rips, bends, and more scratches


Are you afraid of your shadow?

Add real depth to flat images!

  • Is a shadow really black?
  • How do you add shadow to colored glass object?
  • What is an anti-shadow?
  • Shadows on the ground and the wall: some tricks.


Get me out of there!!

Take things and people out of their photos!

  • Is the Magic Wand really magic?
  • Selection tools that you can twist and turn?
  • Extract fuzzy and plushy objects with this ONE tool.
  • Make smooth curves SO MUCH easier with this tool.
  • Let's be creative with all those tools now!


What are you hiding?

There is a reason to play hide and seek!

  • What are masks anyways?
  • Use pre-loaded masks
  • Use overlays you already have
  • Create masks and save them



How do YOU work with PSP?

Just make it fit

  • Choose the color
  • Choose the toolbars and palettes
  • Move things all around
  • Make it fit YOUR need and YOUR workflow


What the heck is a Tube?

Something unique to Paintshop Pro

  • What are they?
  • How do I install them?
  • How do I use them?
  • How do I create my own?


What are YOU using brushes for?

Brushes are more than just for stamping!

  • Install brushes you gather from the net, even older versions
  • Play with the basic brush tool settings
  • Even more options with the Brush variance palette
  • Brush precisely along an edge, like a pro!


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

You can be a master painter!

  • Colorize black and white element
  • Change colors of only parts of elements
  • Add colors where there is none
  • Add colors to black and white or old sepia photos
  • Change the color of your outfit


Are you afraid of Vectors?

They are easier to tame than you think!


  • Draw your own vector shape
  • Export your custom shape
  • Write text along the edge of elements
  • Add tubes and brushes along a path


More layers, more fun!

You will find layers all around you


  • Layered Templates
  • Element Templates
  • Paper Templates
  • Texture Templates


Seamless designs you won't find elsewhere


  • use the Seamless Tiling tool in PSP
  • turn a png element into a seamless tile
  • turn a photo into a seamless background
  • create seamless design from scratch


Add magic to your night photos


  • create your own starry sky
  • add lit windows
  • add street lighting
  • keep closer subjects in the light
  • add Christmas decorations

    Fall or winter photos in minutes

    No need to wait for next season!


    • turn a daytime photo to an evening or night time photo
    • turn a summer photo into a fall or winter photo

    Get the best shadows ever!

    • simple shadows
    • lifted elements
    • cluster shadows
    • fantasy shadows


    8 tools to improve ordinary photos and make them extraordinary
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