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With a heavy heart...


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It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing with you that we have lost a very loyal and very active member of our community. Marlene passed away last week after a short battle to cancer. I was informed by her husband this morning.


Marlene has been a featured member in this Campus and not just because she has been here since day one (in September 2011) but because she loved to participate, share, help and interact with everyone else in this forum, and even in our Facebook group. I am sure you have seen her name often as she posted often, joining in most challenges, attending live classes (even with the time difference).


Her smile, even if just on pictures, was contagious.



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Such sad news Carole, but Thank you for letting us know of Marlene's passing.. I was wondering why I hadn't seen any of her creative projects for quite some time .. Like Cristina I joined the Campus in 2016 and I  always found it a joy to view her posts and read her wonderful journaling (for which she had a great talent).  Marlene's comments were always kind and encouraging and will always be remembered.


Sincere Sympathy to her Husband and Family.



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I heard her name but didn't know her because I haven't been around long enough.

Life makes you always pensive when a dear person is suddenly no longer there and it is always a stab into heart for those you knew and loved her.


It is important that she lives on in the thoughts of everyone who knew her and I think that's what she's gonna do here.

So warm regards particularly to the family and of course to her friends as well!



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