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Scrap Bootcamp - October 2022


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First of all, come and say HI once you register for this bootcamp.


We want to know who else will be there, on our side to cheer everyone up.


Everyone started as a beginner, so don't ever compare yourself to others. You will learn one tool at the time, one concept at the time and you will create one project at the time. Everyone will have different photos and possibly different supplies so every project will be different.


Once the Bootcamp is started, on October 10th, 2022, you can post your projects in here.


Remember to resize your images to about 600 pixels AND saving in jpg format, before uploading them to the gallery (check this tutorial to upload to the gallery) so it won't slow down the site when we have lots of your masterpieces. Try to follow the tutorials at least enough so that we can recognize what lesson you completed.


Now, let's get ready !


If you missed the registration link or if you found this thread before I announce it (some people are very observant), HERE it is. Share it around if you want.


Although this Bootcamp is mostly meant to help beginners, we won't exclude anyone for "excess experience". Some participants are back for a second (or third) round. You are always welcome. Remember that it will be the exact same tutorials so don't be surprised. I am sure you will now do something slightly different than the previous time.


Since anyone can follow the whole Bootcamp using the trial version of PaintShop Pro, this is a perfect opportunity for anyone to give it a try and see how they like the program, so share with your friends who MIGHT consider using PaintShop Pro.


The 7 tutorials will be spaced out over almost 2 weeks. This should make it easier for participants to follow without feeling stressed (it should never be stressful!).

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Hi, I'm James from Southern Utah.  I write family histories about my ancestors and add  picture collages of them and events in their life  The pictures were taken about fifteen or twenty years ago. I think my scrapbooking will be about a trip up Cedar City Canyon about that many years ago.
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I know I said I'm sick of flowers but I haven't shot much that is okay lately so it might flowers, or birds, or even the start of logging my camera collection.  then there's the cats or some kind of abstract something or other.  Either way I will find something old or new for my layouts.


Hi James, nice to meet you and see you and your layouts in the forum. I am from the province of Alberta (St. Albert) Canada, but I will always think of myself as from the province of British Columbia as I was born, raised and lived there most of my life.  I like seeing stories of people's ancestors and history, I find them fascinating.

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I'm in too. I come from the Netherlands and am 74 years Jung. The photo is from a few years ago but I haven't changed a lot. I have just a bit wrinkles more. I don't know yet or I will take new photos to place in the tuts or take older ones. It depends a bit on the weather. Today it's a dark cloudy day and there is rain expected too. See you at the campus.



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Hi Everybody,


Nice to learn about you. I am 88 going on 89.


I have PaintShop Pro 2023 Ultimate installed on my computer and will be using the light gray work space and white background and other parameters as recommended.


Susan, I was in British Columbia for the Centennial Celebration in 1958. I was a sailor aboard the USS Estes an American Communication Ship representing the U. S. Government. We anchored in Victoria Harbor for several days and held open house and then went to Vancouver Harbor and participated in the Naval Review for Princess Margaret.


All of the ships representing  the Commonwealth and an American Aircraft Carrier and Submarine as well as ourselves participated in the Naval Review and illuminated the outline of our ships with electric lights and the each ship set off fireworks displays at night.

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I'm Donna from North Olmsted, OH. I love the Bootcamps because I always learn something new. For instance, my palette preferences were changed after reading Carole's preferences. My workspace preference is black with tabbed documents unchecked. We just returned from Hilton Head, S.C. so I will be using the pictures that I took there.



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Ann (#84214), glad to see you again! Grandkids are always a lovely theme for projects.


Susan (#84220), welcome back. We'll be happy to see more flowers from you if you want to show some.


James (#84281), happy to see you. You are definitely not the only one doing family history work. Keep an eye out for Brian! (#84306) I am always amazed to hear of participants in their 80's or even their 90's. Who says that older people are uncomfortable with technology?


Jannette (#84294), looking forward to seeing your projects.


Donna (#84311), interesting to hear that you change your preferences. That is one great advantage of PSP: you can customize it to suit your preferences instead of having to adjust with a fixed setup.



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Here is my workspace.  I like it dark and docked.  Organizer and Learning Centre are closed and I have a few extra customizations that I learned from the Basic Scrapbooking Course.  I have untabbed documents and the materials palette is the newer one.  I flip flop sometimes between that and the classic.  I like some of what each has to offer, I wish we cold pick an choose what parts we want from the classic and the new palette.  I am using PSP 2022.


James, that is so cool you were in Victoria Harbour in 1958 ( a wee bit before my time, I was born in '65).  That picture of the harbour is really cool.  I miss the ocean.  I'm on the prairies now, I have to look to the sky as it is expansive here, it's my surrogate ocean.


Donna, I love that photo, the blues are beautiful.  I love the clouds.


Happy "camping" everyone!



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Hello, I am Patricia from Ostend in Belgium. I am 62, work fultime as a nurse, divorced, 1 daughter & 1 son, and since approx 6 months I have a grandson, Jonas. He features in most of my recent scrapbookpages.


I am used to Photoshop, but I thought I give PSP a try. I use PSP2022.


I use the dark gray workspace colour, so much better for my eyes, and the medium gray background colour.

I unchecked the docking documents.

Of course I kept the layerspanel. In PS I use the historypanel often, so I opened it here as well, but put it in auto-hide, same for materials panel.

I changed the icon size to medium and the text to large, just to make it easier on the eyes.


Here is a photo I intend to use:

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I added a pattern to the cup, dish and background. The letters and doily under the coffee cup are from a Marisa Lerin kit.  I have been experimenting with layer styles and also tried to use cut out to give some depth in the coffee cup and dish. Any suggestions for the cut out are very welcome.


I used a layer style for my name which I saved call dsgold.

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Like  Anne Seeber said, I love playing with this sandwich etc.  I also have done it many times.   I don't want to discourage the first timers because I remember the first time being quiet a challenge with a lot to learn.  (I still watched to remind me of a few things.)
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You all are so good at this.  I admit, I'm a total left brained, virgo,  in my working life accountant without a stitch of creativity to my name.  I know what I want things to look like in my mind, but have a lot of trouble getting them there.  But, I'm working on it. And, maybe...just maybe...I can do it too. :)





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  Hi Everyone,  Hi New People :)


This had to redo took hours but happy to get to turn something in, very sick :(  but happy to be here




my upload changed to b/l but was to sick to go redo  went 3 hr round just to do the first redos - pain is a game changer :(


but this is still better when I can do it than raking me over the leaves therapy!    love this hate that


My marshmellows are golf balls that come in the PSP  lol. tablecloth some picture off amazon keyword table cloth

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I failed. :(  First off, I did something to my knife that made it a thin stick.  Turned it on its side, maybe?  Could not find the undo button.  I was already frustrated by turning it every way but straight.  I don't work from a desk.  I live with my daughter (that's why the tv monitor) and hold a lap desk with my keyboard and mouse.  The mouse is NOT responsive on this desktop.  It works for normal things but not for this.  Do I need a special mouse?


Then, trying to figure out how to get the top piece of bread on top of the pickle etc (which I did finally do), I lost my cup completely and could not get it back.


I will start over, but need to know how to delete everything and start from scratch.  I also had a lot of trouble seeing the dot for the straighten movement on the checked background.  I would just move my mouse around endlessly till it turned into the circle movement.  My eyes may be too bad for this type thing as well, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet.  I do have trouble with thin lines as the move and bend and disappear.


For now, if you will tell me how to start from scratch I will watch the video again and try again tomorrow.  Do you all have a special mouse?  I just have a cheap logi tech wireless but it does not do detail movements well.  Or, maybe I don't. lol


Suggestions would be appreciated.  And, what in the world did I do to my knife?


Edited to add: I did figure out how to start over.  Just don't save what you did. :)  I will try again tomorrow. :)









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Susan (#84330), interesting that you switch from the new to the classic Material palette. Except if I need to create a color palette, I have not found the new one better for me!


Linda (#84335), welcome. To answer your question, you can use any photo you want. You can choose a single theme throughout the 5 projects, or completely different themes. Some pages will require only one photo at a time, while two projects will ask for three photos, so for those three photos, it makes sense to have them around the same theme. (#84351) Don't worry, we have all been beginners at one point. Take baby steps and we'll be with you. (#84364) Since your image is not showing, it is hard to say what happened to your knife, but my guess is that you grabbed a side handle instead of the corner one OR your Mode was changed to something other than Scale (PSP has a bug in which it can change mode without warning). Even if you encounter issues, don't hesitate to post the image as it will also help us help you.


Patricia (#84337), welcome to the Campus. Adding PSP to your current graphic toolbox will open different doors for you as there are some things PSP can do that PS can't (namely the scripts and the picture tubes). We won't go into those during the Bootcamp but if you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask. (#84370) Do you right-click on the image itself? I get the same thing you get if I right-click on the text or away from the image itself.


Ann (#84341), I think this is the first lunch we see with a phone on the table!


Donna (#84346), what do you mean when you say you used Layers styles? Did you use some Photoshop Styles or did you do that with the PSP ones?


Anne (#84348), did you have your lunch on the ground, covered with fallen autumn leaves?


Cindy (#84363), are you still having issues with the color depth to have that black-and-white image?


James (#84366), that is a very good lunch. With practice, you will get more ideas and get more comfortable to make more elaborate lunches. Maybe you will eventually make a three-course meal!


Keep them coming. 

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